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Jesykapie t1_jacnt29 wrote

End of life dignity instead of prolonged painful suffering.


HerAirness t1_jacp4ch wrote

Shit is too bleak these days to deny anyone the right to end their suffering.


Fallonsfox26 t1_jacsn14 wrote

These days?


Mandalore108 t1_jaf0c3s wrote

Right? We live in unquestionably the best time in history. Suffering still exists of course, but people need to appreciate what we have.


JohnBrownEye69 t1_jad6wo4 wrote

You know this is for terminally ill people in pain right, and not people down on the state of affairs "these days", right?


HerAirness t1_jad76l6 wrote

Of course I know that. Have you ever dealt with a terminal illness? Shit is BLEAK. I have had to watch too many loved ones suffer just because. My aunt was a mess for over a year. It's horrific & expensive.


buried_lede t1_jae12l0 wrote

“Expensive” too. Gosh, the slippery slope doesn’t waste any time.


SKIPPY_IS_REAL t1_jadeizr wrote

Like 4 years ago doctors went to jail for this. Does anyone think something is wrong with us today?


buried_lede t1_jae1k5x wrote

Personally, I hate this. End of life pain relief is very good now and it would be few conditions that are so intolerable to my mind to justify it, and no matter what people say, it will be abused. I read stories where it already is in places that have initiated it — I think Canada? Can’t remember. How to navigate all of this is unknown to me. I don’t think abuse can be 100-percent prevented.


Professional_Bird_74 t1_jae3msq wrote

Be prepared for downvotes. I totally agree with you. The elderly will be the ones most vulnerable. Pain management and hospice care has come a long way.


buried_lede t1_jae6lxd wrote

I can imagine some conditions that might be excruciating for me: being quadriplegic AND very sick for a long time. Being in end stage Lou Gehrig for a seemingly interminable amount of time , totally paralyzed from a stroke with no rehab or activity and sick on top of that with cancer or something. Most of what I can imagine being terrifying for me are conditions that are very prolonged where I am both ill and helpless. But I don’t think this law should pass


buried_lede t1_jae5qh6 wrote

Done well there are few conditions that can’t find comfort in dying. My mother passed peacefully of cancer with an opioid drip. I’ve had major, invasive surgery with no post op pain at all, none. I don’t think this will end well.


abnerkravitz860 t1_jacwakp wrote

we treat dogs better than people


PercyBluntz t1_jacx92y wrote

I mean in all fairness I’d argue dogs deserve better treatment than people.


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ertebolle t1_jaea494 wrote

Reindeers too, somebody even wrote a song about that


Herald_of_Leshrac t1_jae0uki wrote

Can't remember the last time a person shit on my lawn, but maybe I'm just living in an odd part of the state.


PercyBluntz t1_jaeilf0 wrote

Guess who’s supposed to clean up after the dog when they do that!


buried_lede t1_jae3ow9 wrote

And we always will. This law won’t change that


Shellsbells821 t1_jadb5p7 wrote

Hubby and I had a friend, Mike that was terminally ill and went many times to speak on this. Unfortunately, he passed away and was in awful pain. He would be happy to have had this option.


synapsing_at_random t1_jaelx2l wrote

As a conservative, I will always allow the choice of the individual over the choice of the state.


_Xanderjr_ t1_jaepnv0 wrote

Maybe conservative in the traditional sense but literally the opposite ideals of the republican party.


mmmmm_pancakes t1_jaeski9 wrote

You're right to call them on out this, as it's been an absurd claim from conservatives for several decades now. These days, they hate individual choice whenever that might threaten the interests of wealthy white men; trans rights, voting rights, abortion, etc.

That said, they have been ideologically consistent on this when it suits their needs: guns, schools, healthcare, the environment. It's a selfish stance that results in terrible, destructive policy on all of those issues, but in those areas "individual choice" is still a genuine conservative ideal.


schlasara t1_jacstjo wrote

Everyone should have the ability to chose to die with dignity instead of prolonging the suffering


Yinyangwithin t1_jadl4ju wrote

My aunt died of Cancer and it physically destroyed the beautiful woman she was.


CoolBeagle t1_jadw6ai wrote

My family recently had to watch my grandfather slowly die as he couldn't eat anymore. We had to watch him slowly starve to death. He wished to be able to have access to something like this. Hope it can come to pass.


Aviendha00 t1_jad6rds wrote

My guess is that people aren’t really worried about insurance companies or the medical establishment pressuring people.

I think people maybe don’t want to feel guilty not choosing this option if their families are under pressure.


cha0scypher t1_jaejo76 wrote

I think you nailed it. If an insurance company has a choice between covering an expensive treatment for a terminally ill patient vs. a lethal dose of barbiturates, which do you think they'll cover?

"Sorry Doc, we won't cover the treatment, but we WILL cover assisted suicide cuz that's legal in your state to your patient"


jmcgit t1_jaeom64 wrote

You say that as if the insurance company was going to pay for the treatment in that state that still prohibits aid in dying. They'll offer both patients the treatment that barely addresses the symptoms as they were understood in 1973.


Aviendha00 t1_jaeweg4 wrote

Sorry maybe I wasn’t clear?

I don’t think anyone is suggesting an insurance company is right out going to be able to say they won’t pay for treatment because the patient can choose to die which is cheaper.

My guess is that people believe insurance companies will deny treatment and make up some reason to deny it because they know there is a cheaper option= dying

In general I don’t think this makes sense because insurance companies already deny paying for treatments all the time. Thinking that ‘well you can die’ is an excuse for them doesn’t add up.


Affectionate_Till_62 t1_jadfjbe wrote

This is already a thing in Switzerland, canada, California and many other places


Ciridussy t1_jadqg50 wrote

I am Swiss. Every one of my family's elders has gone in peace at the time of their choosing surrounded by family. Enacting this legislation was the best decision we've made and none of the alarmist fears panned out.


buried_lede t1_jae244n wrote

We don’t have anything like universal health care here. And even in Canada I’ve read about abuses. I don’t know. It makes me very nervous. It’s not that I wouldn’t want access to it myself, I am sure under certain conditions I would


Darkling5499 t1_jadtt5x wrote

> canada

prooobbbbably not the best example to use in support of this lol.


Affectionate_Till_62 t1_jadv2m9 wrote

Canadas number one killer is assisted suicide if you look it up sadly so yes I understand why it’s not the best example but they don’t want to suffer so it’s their choice unfortunately


Darkling5499 t1_jadw2pr wrote

Oh I don't even mean that. I mean the more recent news that the Canadian government has been pushing doctors (especially the ones in their version of the VA) to basically tell people it's the only treatment option, because its cheaper to kill someone than it is to treat them.


buried_lede t1_jae2f62 wrote

It’s so disgusting. That story made me speechless and totally scared to do anything like that here. This country is already twice as nuts as Canada, what are the chances this won’t be abused?


Affectionate_Till_62 t1_jadzcn3 wrote

Yes I have heard about that and it’s tragic veterans shouldn’t have to do that they need therapy and trauma help


EarthExile t1_jae91bn wrote

In a perfect world, most people would die by assisted suicide, right? Comfortable and in control of their own lives. I get what you're saying but that's not an inherently scary statistic.


tablebythegym t1_jaegpkb wrote

Close family member recently died and this would have saved them and us from so many issues. They were begging to die saying, “god please let me rest” for their last week and I’m sure was feeling that way for much of the time before. If you’re done and close to death you should be allowed to go.


TreeEleben t1_jacww3a wrote

Allowing people to die when they choose will hurt the profits of the medical industry. End of life care is absurdly expensive. For that reason alone, this legislation will go nowhere.


pinacoladathrowaway t1_jads4nz wrote

Why would you discourage people from participating in reforming that system? People like you who say “Don’t bother” are the one’s who hinder change


QuestorPS7 t1_jaexlnt wrote

The requirements are so narrow and this would be used by so few people that it’s not going to impact any insurance company’s bottom line. This has been legal in Oregon for 25 years and about 2,200 people have taken advantage of it. That’s fewer than 100 a year. (Source)


ertebolle t1_jaea8qv wrote

Nah, they'll just figure out a way to make poison really expensive


DieLardSoup t1_jae9hb1 wrote

This should be standard everywhere.


coastal_girl14 t1_jaf1v41 wrote

This was discussed in 2019 as well. During my mother's stay in hospice. It would have been a godsend. Hospice is not always the best solution. For some it works well. I had wished at the time that I had the emotional fortitude to leave my mother's bedside and testify in favor of the previous measure.


solomons-marbles t1_jae9hi6 wrote

We treat our pets with more dignity than our ill. It’s really sad. People should have the right chose their own path. It’s not a decision that someone else should have any opinion on.


keepitupxxx t1_jaeqjmo wrote

This should be considered part of the life cycle an not have to be sign in to legislation


Slapchop420 t1_jaeu672 wrote

Please do this! I personally don't want to suffer, hated seeing those that passed suffer, and this will be a humane route to take to ease that suffering.


im_a_zergling t1_jaf43ho wrote

wont pass because letting people leave the hospital early = less money


Magehunter_Skassi t1_jaeglms wrote

This is great to hear and I hope to see it as all-encompassing as Canada's one day. It's ridiculous that someone with an uncurable mental illness can be forced to suffer or use risky personal methods (dying alone in the process) if they want to end things, rather than having a safe government program to do so.


red_purple_red t1_jaehmew wrote

The wins just keep coming in for Lamont


Professional_Bird_74 t1_jade74o wrote


TheValentinePianoman t1_jadme1c wrote

Then that's an issue with the insurance companies isn't it?


buried_lede t1_jae369l wrote

That no one will investigate until some decade study spits out controversial stats - after thousands died that way who didn’t choose to


1Bzi t1_jaejuan wrote

One thing Ned can do, assist you in killing yourself off to escape the HELL he’s created here in this once great state.


coastal_girl14 t1_jaf2g1j wrote

Yeah, that surplus sucks doesn't it? Oh, and the most successful strategy against COVID. What a disaster!!


notablyunfamous t1_jacg4qc wrote

And like in Canada they’ll soon start pressuring patients to kill themselves to save money.


gaysagainsthumanity t1_jacp47a wrote

Except we don’t have free healthcare and keeping people sick makes money. Killing them doesn’t save money?


notablyunfamous t1_jacv3j0 wrote

Except there’s no such thing as free healthcare. Drugs and supplies cost money. Doctors get paid, bills are paid. “Free” isn’t real. It’s paid for in taxes. The providers are still getting paid with the same “incentives” claimed for the US system. It’s just that they don’t see a bill in the mail, they pay it every pay period whether they’re sick or not.


5Dprairiedog t1_jaes2aq wrote

The U.S. pharmaceutical industry earned $550 billion in profit in 2021. Insurance companies make billions in proits every year too. Health insurance companies make record profits as costs soar in US


notablyunfamous t1_jaesugr wrote



5Dprairiedog t1_jaevits wrote

And....dead people don't make drug companies or insurance companies profit. Scroll up for context lol

And when people say "free" they mean there is no direct expense. Like no shit taxes go to fund things. Everything costs money because we have designed it that way. Making record profits for shareholders while a majority of bankruptcies in the US are due to medical bills is immoral. Focus on that instead.


notablyunfamous t1_jaexoqc wrote

I know what people mean, but they don’t often consider it.. especially young people. And yes, it’s plenty profitable because there’s 7 almost 8 billion people. Everyone dies. There’s always money to be made and saved. You’re thinking too shallow and short term.


notablyunfamous t1_jacp8ei wrote

Insurance companies will incentivize hospitals to do this.


EarthExile t1_jae994s wrote

Why? It's more expensive, meaning more profitable, to keep people "alive" as long as possible


buried_lede t1_jae2vvv wrote

Down voted because … everyone knows insurance companies in the US are sooo altruistic. /s. Oh, my Medicare advantage plan doesn’t push this, they just stop paying! They just yank any more hospice care. We would never oppose anyone choosing not to die!


Buuuddd t1_jacumyi wrote

It makes sense to encourage otherwise healthy people to take their treatment. Then when CPR wouldn't really make sense to ever do, to encourage to change to DNR. Then when physical and mental extreme suffering is inevitable, to encourage physician-assisted suicide.


buried_lede t1_jae4o6d wrote

Connecticut voters will happily hop and skip to their legislators to show their support for this law, forgetting, as always, a seemingly enlightened idea is never implemented consistently and will only be as humane and enlightened as the people involved in caring for someone terminally ill. Reality should always be considered when we do this stuff.


Buuuddd t1_jaehqe3 wrote

I trust medical science. Medicine's likely the most researched topic on the planet, and there are lawsuits for malpractice all the time.