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splashattack t1_j98kjvb wrote

The electrical grid was built way before I was born. Majority of people alive today grew up with electricity being a necessity to survive.


FastWalkingShortGuy t1_j98kswb wrote

I know.

My point is that the laborers built the infrastructure, not the shareholders.


Hot-Cry920 t1_j98l4nd wrote

Im a shareholder that builds and maintains the grid 🤷🏻‍♂️


FastWalkingShortGuy t1_j98lr74 wrote

Let's not pretend linemen own the controlling stake in the company, please.


Hot-Cry920 t1_j98m743 wrote

Didnt say i had a controlling stake… i am however a shareholder


mostlymadig t1_j997clb wrote

As a lineman, how do you feel about the electrical workers in France striking by giving away power?

Is something like this even feasible in CT?