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Testy_MacTestry t1_ja9etsh wrote

Don't worry guys, I'll get gas for the snow blower tonight. That'll ensure the storm is a bust.


Warpedme t1_ja9t17n wrote

I just helped my neighbor fix his snowblower and it's now working perfectly. We're getting flurries at best.

Don't piss me off though, I can turn this fucker into a blizzard by simply putting away my shovels.


Artemisglory t1_jaa1hik wrote

It's really all my fault. I bought my very first snow blower at the end of the season last year. It's still in it's packaging 😩


Ambartenen t1_jaa6v7r wrote

I sold mine for 1/2 waht I paid for it 6 days ago :(


Artemisglory t1_jaa7kws wrote

Ohh nooo!!! I guess you balance out the situation and we might get a coating then lol


mikel124 t1_jaa2upi wrote

Lol. I’m sorta in the same boat, mine at least is out of the box.


Artemisglory t1_jaa35ao wrote

Ah so you're more prepared than I am. That definitely means a bust then 😒


djln491 t1_jaagxqx wrote

I’m traveling Fri and Sat. That end of week storm is def a hit


davidjl01 t1_ja9ef34 wrote

I’ll believe it when I see it


rewarmm t1_jaacoe7 wrote

the realest thing you can say as a CT resident


kryonik t1_ja9qryn wrote

Fresh fallen snow for about 30 minutes: 👍

The next three weeks of brown and black frozen sludge everywhere: 👎


Current-Photo2857 t1_jaa0g6y wrote

This time of year? It will all melt on Thursday when it’s 55, just in time for the 5-8 inches Friday night.


Codacus t1_jaalz46 wrote

Sounds like my kind of Friday night 🤤


LazyUpvote88 t1_ja9u266 wrote

The bottom of my car is already caked in salt from the half inch dusting we got the other day. Let the rust begin!


MoooooveOva t1_jaavdt2 wrote

Undercarriage wash then apply fluid film outside and inside all frames and subframe components


gjk14 t1_jaaycjb wrote

Country Club wants us in for work tomorrow… we’ll see.. Baking bread and chicken soup sounds more productive. Or tongue with a fine Chianti…. 😏


DarkLamont t1_ja9bn5l wrote

Are they legalizing that too?


EscapeFromTexas t1_ja9otcx wrote

yes but it's going to go by the name "bepsi" to protect the kids, sold in 3 stores statewide, and be basically made of cornstarch.


Bruins125 t1_ja9cmtc wrote

I'm hoping it somehow stays cold for 2 weeks to kill off the ticks, so bring on the snow


LazyUpvote88 t1_ja9tuuy wrote

Are you saying that if it’s below freezing for 2 consecutive weeks the ticks die? Is that true?


Bruins125 t1_ja9urnz wrote

Unfortunately I was wrong with my assumption. However, temperature fluctuation can kill ticks so bring on the 50 degree days afterwards followed by another arctic blast.


LazyUpvote88 t1_ja9y6xo wrote

Anecdotally they seem to stay away when it’s cold outside.


MASSIVEGRUNDEL t1_jaaky77 wrote

That cold snap we had last February seemed to do a number on the ticks this past year


DaWeedMan12 t1_ja9jjmy wrote

Yo, yo, yo, what up my snow-loving homies? It's ya boy DaWeedMan12 in the hizzouse, reporting from the snowmageddon that's about to hit our ends! Now let me tell you, I am beyond excited for this snow. Now, I know what you're thinking, "DaWeedMan12, why you so excited for this snow? It's just gonna make everything cold and wet." But listen up, fam, there's more to snow than just frozen water droplets. Not only is it a great excuse to bust out my sick snowboarding skills, but it's also a great way to practice my shoveling technique for when I become a pro gardener. Plus, snow is just so white and pure, like me after a fresh waxing.

First of all, snow is like the world's biggest blanket, covering everything up and making it all cozy. And secondly, it's like nature's own ice cream, you can scoop it up and eat it whenever you want. Plus, it's white, so it's gotta be good for your teeth, innit?

But here's the thing, I heard that some of da CT residents is trying to control the snow, man! They wanna make it illegal to play in it, to touch it, to even look at it! And you know why? It's because they're scared of us, the snow-loving rebels, the ones who refuse to conform to their rules and regulations. But we won't let them silence us, we will fight for our right to snowball fights and snow angels! Who's with me?!

So don't be a hater, get out there and enjoy the snow like it's your own personal winter wonderland. And if anyone tries to tell you otherwise, just hit them with a snowball and tell them DaWeedMan12 sent you.


wazoheat t1_jaapq2h wrote

I wonder when this chatgpt stuff will start getting old.


pittiedaddy t1_ja9e4zx wrote

Meh. I just wish I wasn't dealing with a headcold. Clearing snow while sick suuuuucks.


rp3821 t1_jaa8zv6 wrote

Have you considered drinking honey ginger lemon tea? Always helps me bounce back from the cold.


pittiedaddy t1_jaaa7ya wrote

I usually do, but unfortunately forgot to get lemon and honey. I have some ginger turmeric tea that's really good though. 👍


rp3821 t1_jaaamzz wrote

Snow ain't falling yet, I'd high tail it to the store! The investment today will make tomorrow... more tolerable. Ginger turmeric tea hits the spot though, too. Hope you feel better!


yankeeinparadise t1_jaaikc9 wrote

From Trader Joe's? That's my daily cup if so!


pittiedaddy t1_jaaj7ab wrote

That's the one!


yankeeinparadise t1_jaajfk9 wrote

I add a bag of English breakfast because the ginger turmeric is decaf. I refill my mug about 8 times, it's mainly hot water by the end of the day. Quite comforting though!


TankGirlwrx t1_jaaw970 wrote

This is my go-to and so far has knocked anything out as soon as I felt symptoms. Ginger juice in hot water (rather than powdered ginger in a tea bag) plus honey and lemon if I have it. Ginger is magic I swear


Dirt_Bike_Zero t1_ja9w7un wrote

Of all days to have a colonoscopy scheduled, it had to be tomorrow. FML.


highway_to_heck420 t1_jaa2suo wrote

Well. I love snow. But I have to drive to and from work in it so I’m not as excited. But my company really cares about my safety, they told me in an email today.


Repulsive_Town6916 t1_jaa9top wrote

I'm lucky my job goes with whatever the local schools district go. So we are closed and no work from home.


dreemurthememer t1_jaawfz7 wrote

My job doesn’t necessarily ”close” during inclement weather (unless it’s really bad, I assume), but they’ve got no problem with me taking PTO on snowy days so I’m gonna take as much advantage of that as I can.

Man I am so glad to be out of foodservice.


TellTaleTank t1_jacd9r6 wrote

My wife and I work for the same place, she's been there longer. I was told to stay home. She was told to come in. Tf?


liquidprotein t1_ja9cuj1 wrote

Fuck the snow


Haydechs t1_ja9db4j wrote

You do you, just make sure it’s out of view of the neighbors I guess


liquidprotein t1_ja9fckz wrote

It's odd how offended people here get if you state your dislike of winter weather.


djln491 t1_jaai8lz wrote

I’m out of town but my wife said she’s getting 8” tonight.


Ghost_Fae_ t1_jaaskwk wrote

I actually just laughed so hard I farted. I wish I had an award to give you 💀🤣


Onefortwo t1_ja9j6wx wrote

Took the day to play outside with my kid. Been promising her snow for months now!


torbar203 t1_ja9w6nw wrote

Back before work realized everyone can work remotely, yes because we'd get a day off.

Now, nope.


Dark-_-Memer OP t1_ja9aeyu wrote

Better get them shovels ready!


LoveIsLove75 t1_ja9djcx wrote

Nope. Would rather not deal with shoveling tomorrow morning.


phunky_1 t1_jaa14x6 wrote

Snow is not as exciting with telework.

Between cellular hotspots and having a generator there is no excuse to not work due to a storm anymore.

It would be more exciting for it to be a real snow day.

Now I just get to work all day with loud kids in the background then spend the whole evening clearing the driveway and walks.


DarthArtero t1_ja9lzx7 wrote

We’ll see. Everyone I work with is acting like it’s gonna be a blow out blizzard


CTNotPC t1_ja9t8y8 wrote

Mixed feelings. I have been teased too much with nice temps and sunny days.


mylastdream15 t1_ja9eeuq wrote

Yeah, this is a pass for me. Was hoping we might miraculously have a winter without any notable storms. Not looking forward to shoveling what will likely be very wet heavy snow.


SamuraiPanda19 t1_jaa0bg9 wrote

Pumped. Hoping for closer to the 8 inches


2PlenTiful4U t1_ja9wnas wrote

Uber excited! Hopefully this sub will stfu about not getting snow.


simplsurvival t1_ja9x43z wrote

Jokes on you they'll complain there's too much snow and "everyone sucks at driving except for me"


jez1364 t1_jaabtp8 wrote

Expect a lot. My kiddos did quite a snow dance today!


strippersandcocaine t1_jaaviui wrote

I’m so excited to play in the snow with the kids tomorrow


jez1364 t1_jacxvb4 wrote

Enjoy it! We got 5 inches. Already had our first shoveling and sledding trip!


simplsurvival t1_ja9wsia wrote

Meeeee! And yes, I have to shovel it


rovinja t1_jaa43ub wrote

Snow that falls and doesn’t stick >>>> snow that falls and sticks to the ground and accumulates


YS15118 t1_jaa4xya wrote

No fuck you, this means I need to shovel and hurt my whole body in the process


Kingdavid100 t1_jaaa3b6 wrote

Every time it snows, it costs me $100 to have the road cleared. So not too happy


redcapmilk t1_jaagy8n wrote

A friend of mine has been excited to plan a " welcome spring!" party. This is the entire reason that it got cold and snowy.


Hokage_Btw_ t1_jabdyug wrote

Im calling outta work either way


jackmclrtz t1_ja9sqjr wrote

Remind me again what that is...?


gregra193 t1_jaa2jkz wrote

Just picked up some snowblower gas and added Sta-Bil. Power banks and battery backups for modem/router are ready to go. I hope we get more snow than projected!


Hopeann t1_jaa3ihq wrote

F off with your snow.


wherehaveubeen t1_jaa4cz3 wrote

My blower won’t start ☹️ it never starts when I need it to. I always shovel even though it’s sitting there.


Bigbird_Elephant t1_jaa56nd wrote

Meteorology is the only job where you can be wrong 80% of the time and be considered the best


OpelSmith t1_jaa7d8g wrote

most people would probably cry and shit themselves if they had to take meteorology in college


DicmoVolant t1_jaai5xh wrote

I’ll be sleeping out in it tonight in my canvas tent.


KalLinkEl t1_jaait5x wrote

Not I. I'm the only fucking person in my house who has to shovel this white shit by myself!!!


welcometwomylife t1_jaak8ea wrote

if it means i don’t have school tomorrow and i can bake all day i’m cool with it


Lumillenium t1_jaao5mp wrote

For the first time ever, I splurged on really good winter tires back in January, and haven’t gotten to use them :( I’m hoping we get some good snow tonight.


MyNameIsAmandaa t1_jaap02z wrote

I am actually excited for once because I finally don’t have to work and just sit inside and be cozy. My son will shovel 😎


beigereige t1_jab0ks6 wrote

The people who don’t have to shovel it.


aodedios t1_jab1hsa wrote

Sorry to burst your bubble but it looks like a bust lmao


JR32OFFICIAL t1_jac285h wrote

Not Me. Ready for the dam winter


Mandalore108 t1_jacbvp9 wrote

Absolutely not, I almost made it a full winter without having to clear snow.


ChiliRainbow83 t1_ja9g596 wrote

Wish it wasn’t on a weekday, but I’ll enjoy it


Last-Instruction739 t1_ja9obgh wrote

Twisted my knee skiing In Vermont yesterday just in time to not get to ski a little fresh powder this week before work. 🥲


G_Art33 t1_ja9vy8o wrote

I’m excited to work from home!


Jets237 t1_jaa9ic2 wrote

Well, schools are now closed so that means it’ll miss us completely and my kid will be home for no reason! Yay


--dee t1_jaagmps wrote

I hope we get enough to close 95. That way I won’t have to drive to Stamford.


Volta55 t1_jaajsyr wrote

Not when I have to commute to work at 630 :-/


JTKDO t1_jaalu62 wrote

UConn cancelled classes so I’ll take what I can get


CaseyGamer64YT t1_jaat5tm wrote

I won't be able to do Doordash sadly or at least my parents won't let me cause they're worried I'll drive off the road.


bunkerbash t1_jaaz2ky wrote

I am not. But if anyone takes pretty snow landscape photos please post them. Id love some fresh painting inspiration :-)


EastonArborDudeSteve t1_jab75i3 wrote

Shoot I'm willing to start human sacrifices for more of it. That's my main income this time of year. $40/hr pushing snow around


GCGC19 t1_jabe1d0 wrote

Time to blast up to Mohawk to get fresh tracks in all the powder! Bahahahaha


kejovo t1_jabjw7d wrote

Bout damn time! Woot!


wreckstar1981 t1_jabmsn4 wrote

Toro Wheelhorse is ready with its beautiful plow and plenty of weight to handle things. My neighbors love me, I’m the snow guy


odeacon t1_jacjfzu wrote

I hope for a snow day


L0SERlambda t1_jacohz5 wrote

I am!!! I went out last night on a mini road trip and it was so beautiful =)


SnooAvocados9343 t1_jacse8o wrote

I'm actually happy I made the decision to travel to Madrid before the storm 😛


AmiaRocz83 t1_jadftw7 wrote

All the people who put away their snow blowers 😂❄️ they all jinxed us


SueBeee t1_ja9in66 wrote



jaffy23 t1_jaap3in wrote

Greenwich schools already closed for tomorrow..


twoPUMPnoCHUMP t1_jaas3ld wrote

Catch me in the skreets sliding through intersections into your mums driveway. SUBARUUUUUUU


Remarkable_Option660 t1_ja9yaqz wrote

I heard it's rain and snow. Which would be slush. Not cool.