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Adventurous-Aide664 t1_j6za919 wrote

Exactly, for profit health insurance is a scam. Their only goal is to maximize profits for their shareholders, so that means they do all they can to avoid paying for care.

The system in other countries is much simpler because there are way fewer payers, sometimes only one and the goal of that agency is not to make profits.

Here we have thousands of middlemen that siphon off our money into their pockets while producing little to nothing of value and making everyone's lives more complicated.

By the way, the top 6 health insurance CEOs made $115 million last year. Just six people siphoned off over 100 million that could have gone to paying for healthcare. Disgusting


Strat7855 t1_j6zj4bj wrote

Take it a step further; insurance should be for things that may happen. That's what the entire business model is supposed to be based on.

But everyone gets sick/injured at some point. There's no "may" about it.