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mas90guru OP t1_j9tm2pi wrote

After months of litigation and years of complaints by residents, a lawyer for the Town of Rocky Hill said he expects the owners of an apartment complex to agree to an outline of repairs by Friday.

“If they cared about their reputation, I don’t see how they can allow this to go on,” town legal counsel Morris Borea said publicly of the owners of Concierge Apartments at a town council meeting Tuesday.


BobbyRobertson t1_j9trz8k wrote

Should've happened years ago. The complex owners have been allowed to get away with letting the buildings rot for years now, all while masquerading as luxury apartments they expect $1500+/mo for


russsl8 t1_j9tu2u5 wrote

"Luxury Apartments", eh? Judging by the article, that's quite a load of horse shit.


brainlure49 t1_j9twu8p wrote

I toured these apartments a couple years ago, expecting something pretty nice based on the price and advertising. They were absolutely disgusting, dingy and dark with tiny hallways, and everything from the building exteriors to the parking lot was falling apart


buried_lede t1_j9tz9w2 wrote

They claim to clear 30-percent per year profit on all their holdings. That’s a lot. They run RE private equity funds and are one of the largest multifamily owners in the country.

They are causing trouble in Portland Maine as well.

I hope the court takes it into receivership, just to introduce them to real consequences. Whatever millions they extract from this company will be a drop in the bucket. The principles of the firm probably each take home millions a year


LordBarvis t1_j9u0xux wrote

If I'm understanding that Very Good Rent Cap discussion the other day, obviously the answer is we need to build more buildings just like this

I hope the renters find justice here. Solidarity to them.


Darondo t1_j9u2kpu wrote

$2100/month for a dangerous, dilapidated shithole without reliable heat and water? Plus paid parking!? 9 years ago I was paying about $600/month for those conditions elsewhere in Hartford county. I really feel for renters nowadays.


i_refuse_to_sink182 t1_j9u4o7f wrote

My co-worker is currently renting there. They have not had hot water consistently for 6 days now. It will be hot in the morning and off by the afternoon. His roommate is currently moving out and now he has to move out because he can't afford to stay there.


nkw1004 t1_j9u7pld wrote

That’s a big ass Adirondack chair


CiforDayZServer t1_j9umarj wrote

Nice try with that moronic title.. no one gives a shit if they are the biggest tax payer, they’re a scumbag conglomerate making shitloads of profit exploiting people… our neighbors…

+++ management has used extension cords to place space heaters in the drop ceiling to prevent pipes from freezing. +++

Fuck them.


buried_lede t1_j9urxip wrote

“Century Hills is a subsidiary of JRK Property Holdings of Los Angeles, which owns 80,000 residential and business rental and hotel units in 30 states. “

JRK is based in LA

The founder also serves on the boards of Union College and Cedars Sinai Hospital. I believe he’s the chairman of the board of Cedars Sinai, one of the best hospitals in the country.

Oh how these PE firms insulate themselves from the reality of their slumlording. Upstanding, prominent, community minded, advisors with excellent business skills. Cut to buckets in the lobby catching rain in Rocky Hill

In New Haven, most of the biggest apartment owners are PE firms mostly investing overseas money (Mandy, Pike) and the subject of endless complaints. They are considered slumlords by New haven city hall.


Juanita_1 t1_j9v08ez wrote

I’ve lived her for the past year after needing to find housing quickly. I have some STORIES about our time living here. Luckily, we just bought a house and will be out hopefully in the next month. I have every intention of leaving a VERY nasty review on Google, but would be more than happy to share some stories here. TLDR; the complex is a piece of shit and management is horrendous.


bowlingmisfit t1_j9v1jzm wrote

My friend lived there 20 years ago, they were promising upgrades back then. Doesn't sound like they followed through. Lol


house_plant77 t1_j9vzy8u wrote

I lived there for about a year and it's a disgusting shithole with pisspoor management


Soup5665 t1_j9w5nr0 wrote

Wasn’t there just a post on here where some guy was looking for a roommate? Almost positive he said Rocky hill too


Juanita_1 t1_j9z1qva wrote

Tbh the horror stories are a combo of management and other residents working in harmony. Our neighbor has a penchant for puking in the hallway and not cleaning it up. They’ve done this twice in the last 4 months. In both instances, we notified maintenance immediately. Both times, it took two full weeks and 4 complaints to be addressed. The last time it occurred I actually called the health department a week after we notified management and it still took another week to take care of. In fact, maintenance straight up lied to the health dept telling them it had been cleaned up. We’ve had loads of issues like that of maintenance not addressing situations-the fire detector in the apartment below us was beeping for well over two weeks. That also took four complaints and a final culmination of me going into the management office and reaming them out in person after they did an inspection of our apartment the day before and I commented on how it hadn’t been taking care of. They assured me it’d be taken care of that day and how annoying it must be to hear it while trying to sleep etc etc but then didn’t fix it. In that same apartment (it has been empty since we’ve lived here) we were woken up at 1 am to the sounds of power tools being used. I had to go downstairs and tell the construction crew they needed to stop and what they were doing is illegal. Of course we filed a complaint but never heard back. And lastly, just a fun little perk of living here is they didn’t install a fridge that works in the space of our kitchen. It hangs over the lip of the counter, which then prevents us from using our dishwasher. In order to load or unload the dishwasher, we need to open the fridge and leave it open. Luxury is not the word I would use to describe these apartments. There’s loads of other things to get into, but it’d be a long read for a comment here haha.


That_Boysenberry2134 t1_ja6qb5a wrote

I lived there for a year - one day we noticed a growing bubble in our ceiling. Called maintenance, they barge in, yell “oh sh**t, and run out” Moments later it grew so large and finally burst, water everywhere. Maintenance guy comes back in sees the water everywhere, starts clean up. We go down the the front office to complain and the manager tells us it was an “honest mistake.” Confused we ask “what was an honest mistake?” She says, “an employee was trying to clean some drip tray in the apartment upstairs and left the sink on” 🤯 when they were repairing the Sheetrock they got it all over our personal items. Eventually we moved out and months later got a call from a debt collector saying the complex was charging us $2300 for water damage to the apartment LOL. That was just one of many things wrong during our year here. Others included vomit in the stair wells, the fire alarm going off every other week at all times of night/day, toilet bowl sized pot holes never being fixed, trash chutes so full constantly, and when we were moving out someone stole one piece of our sectional that was sitting by our moving truck while we were bringing the other piece down lmao