Submitted by darquid t3_11cm4gm in Connecticut

Moved to Oakdale/Montville this summer and am disappointed with the lack of good takeout (subs and Chinese mostly).

Sizzling wok has been the best of the worst for Chinese.

2 brothers is ok for some subs or as a restaurant (sit at the bar, otherwise the service isn’t great).

Plum tomato was good but their recent quality has gone downhill for subs. Their pizza is nothing to write home about.

Moravelis was good once and then horrible the second time.

Ninos is ok but a bit far.



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ghost_amanita t1_ja49xbe wrote

Salem Prime Cuts for epic grinders, Brick and Basil in Norwich for woodfired pizza.


Professional_Alps900 t1_ja3zjit wrote

Oakdale pizza Golden palace on 32 near mohegan


darquid OP t1_jaamaka wrote

We tried golden palace today and it’s the best Chinese we’ve had yet around here. Thank you!


Prize-Hedgehog t1_ja4m1p6 wrote

Plum Tomato is way too fucking expensive for how inconsistent their pizza is. Oakdale Pizza is probably the best choice in the area and Salem Prime Cuts has the best grinders anywhere that side of the state.

You’re in the middle of the woods, there aren’t a ton of blow your socks off restaurants out there unfortunately.


darquid OP t1_ja4n4m3 wrote

Yeah…not looking for amazing, just decent takeout. We know we have to travel at least to mystic for a decent dine in experience it seems.

I make better pizza than plum tomato so we don’t bother looking for pizza as a take out. We got a cheese pizza for the kids once and it was horrible. Their subs are very hit and miss though as well.

I forgot about prime cuts for the grinders. Those things are fucking stacked.



Kolzig33189 t1_ja5exfq wrote

Won’t be open for a few more months (warm weather only establishment) but David’s Place is one of my favorite places to eat in the state. Amazing burgers and all their seafood dishes are reasonably priced is fresh compared to typical takeout/diner type places.


darquid OP t1_ja5kx5s wrote

Thanks that’s right by my house. We went there for ice cream but I wasn’t sure about the food


Kolzig33189 t1_ja5mq2q wrote

Definitely go there for a burger or clam dish if you like seafood. I don’t know what they do different there but it’s just really great food.


Dear_Gene_7660 t1_ja640fo wrote


"Love Thai by Thai" on West Thames Street

Asylum Street Pizza on Asylum Street, and La Stella Pizzeria downtown

D'Elia's for grinders. They're a much loved local institution and have been around forever.

"Mommy's Delicious Food" flavorful Haitian (and Jamaican jerk)

Johnny's Clam Shack in Greenville

Millie's Ice Cream at Malerba's (seasonal)


jstahr63 t1_ja5kygc wrote

I'm sad to hear The Plum Tomato went downhill. The Groton Plum was a workplace favorite and never disappointed. That was well over 15 years ago, but still sad.


toysup t1_ja7h278 wrote

Hamilton Market is good for subs if you want to go to New London.


goodwinebadtv t1_ja3wt0s wrote

I like wings and pies in Norwich for pizza.


IndicationOver t1_ja3w9q2 wrote

Look where you are located. That is why.


darquid OP t1_ja3xcbx wrote

Thank you so much for your keen observance.


IndicationOver t1_ja4if4q wrote

So you moved there for work related reasons only then correct?

Exactly, you knew already.