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Kolzig33189 t1_j9wgrcp wrote

It depends on many aspects of financial situation…what is mortgage payment, any student loans, car payment, other debt, etc. Would need a lot more details.


siditumart OP t1_j9whru9 wrote

>I am a debt free foreigner. Based on the income tax calculator, my net pay would be around 56,263$/4,689 per month. I'm planning to allocate 30% (1,400$) for rent and the rest to pay for basic life necessities, and maybe a car to get around. We're not big spenders, we're planning to do some savings. Sounds doable?


Kolzig33189 t1_j9wnhug wrote

If you can find a rental at that price, the finances are doable but I think it might be difficult to find that (unless you already have it in place). Likely it might be a little tight with a monthly car payment if you choose to go that route until groceries and other staples prices retreat a little bit, but if you’re frugal anyway that’s great.


siditumart OP t1_j9wpmsb wrote

Thank you a lot. Your answer is very appreciated.


Kolzig33189 t1_j9yrrsd wrote

One thing I thought of later/just now is if you don’t already have housing secured, check to see if UConn either has some apartments/condos set aside for out of state faculty moving here or if they have connections to local landlords where you would get a good price. Some employers do that, not sure specifically about UConn but definitely worth looking into.


madnessdanz t1_j9y9m2x wrote

We do it.

A bit of a smaller wage, but in this very area.

Our house is paid off though, and it saves us a lot.

I think you can do it comfortably as long as your rent isn't sky high.


IndicationOver t1_j9zpoj9 wrote

You're not a spender and there is no children. You'll be fine.


UsedDishSoap t1_j9yapvr wrote

I think you’re take home will be slightly less a month (~$200) but as long as you’re not trying to keep up or be the joneses you will be comfortable.


CoachDrLewis t1_ja1k412 wrote

You can certainly pull it off! I lived in Stafford Springs, not too far and yes I agree it depends on the factors like debt, mortgage, car note, insurance, etc. but it can certainly be done! Best of luck!


PurpleArachnid8439 t1_j9wk3cg wrote

Are you coming into UConn as new faculty? I’m staff I think there’s a program in Human Resources that can offer some advice on best housing options and towns for specific situations. Storrs itself is very student heavy on rentals. Def check any complexes you don’t want to inadvertently end up in party town lol. Storrs is part of Mansfield and wider Mansfield will have some more non-student options (tho not the cheapest) and is fine Re: safety. Willington and Ashford also some options and a bit cheaper but very rural. Both also fine on safety. Lots of options in Willimantic and cheaper but a little more rough Re: crime (not so much to be a deal breaker in my opinion but definitely something to go into knowing if you look there) but it All those towns like 15-20 min drive to campus. You’d need a car for Willington/Ashford but there’s public transportation to Willimantic. Where are you coming from? The international center is also quite helpful and supportive to new arrivals on logistical needs.


siditumart OP t1_j9wrfd8 wrote

Indeed, I'm going to Uconn as a new faculty. I'm from Greece. Yes, when I checked the rentals most it was intended for students in Storrs. You're right, lol. I'll take a look at other towns and seek help free m the center. Thank you a lot for all the precious information. You're awesome!


dignifiedgoat t1_ja0tkxm wrote

I was going to make the same suggestion with Willington or Ashford. I was able to find a cheap apartment in Willington when I was a graduate student at Uconn, granted that was several years ago now. They're rural towns yes but they're beautiful, and both short drives to UConn. Willington has the interstate cut right through it so it's still relatively quick to get to places.


Chemical_Ad7629 t1_j9xfekf wrote

She should maybe work if you want to be “comfortable”


Plane_Ad_9526 t1_j9wlyb9 wrote

One way to get an answer is to crunch the numbers and come up with a budget. I’m sure everyone on this thread will give their two cents on the numbers I’ve used below, but take them with a grain of salt and play with the figures yourself.

-Rent ($1,400) -Utilities( water, electric/natural gas) ($300) -Cell phones/Internet ($200) -Groceries ($600) -Gas ($200) -Car Insurance ($100) -Retirement ( if applicable, not sure benefits from your home country) -Gym membership ($80) -Miscellaneous cash on hand ($800)

Leaving ~$1,000 without retirement contributions that can be put aside for savings/emergency fund (~20% of take home pay).

Hope this helps


siditumart OP t1_j9wpy4z wrote

Thank you a lot. It is very helpful to get an idea about these numbers. You're the best!


Slight_Awareness_769 t1_j9wqznm wrote

If you're UConn faculty you could use the UConn gym for 360/year or 540/yr with plus one. So the gym bill is probably about half that.

Car insurance would be a little less(ask your coworkers) and you would pay an annual tax on the car, depending on how new it is


BluenotesBb t1_j9yqd4p wrote

This is a really accurate budget. I would just add to have a little savings for when the taxes hit every year on the car.


apothecarynow t1_ja05x1e wrote

Gym memberships are 80 bucks now? Holy crap. I was paying like 30 a year ago or so


Plane_Ad_9526 t1_ja0evf8 wrote

I was thinking $80 for both of them, but I still might be on the high end. Rather overstate than under.


Mutts_Merlot t1_j9wvbsz wrote

All of the towns around Storrs are very safe, nice places to live. However, they are very rural and you absolutely need a car. Vernon/Rockville is not too far and has decently priced rentals. There are also a lot of amenities in town (shopping, restaurants, doctors, etc.) so you wouldn't be as isolated as you might feel in Ashford or Willington.


CDawgbmmrgr2 t1_j9wevfz wrote

How much is your rent/mortgage? It can be done, yeah, but there’s lots of variables. I would say it’s possible to find something, if you’re asking specially on housing, within that range but not ideal


siditumart OP t1_j9whgx5 wrote

I am a debt free foreigner. Based on the income tax calculator, my net pay would be around 56,263$/4,689 per month. I'm planning to allocate 30% (1,400$) for rent and the rest to pay for basic life necessities, and maybe a car to get around. We're not big spenders, we're planning to do some savings. Sounds doable?


BobbyRobertson t1_j9wttd4 wrote

One of your first priorities will need to be a car in eastern Connecticut. If you live close to the center of a town, like Willimantic and Rockville (they're downtown sections within larger towns, you'll get used to it), you'll likely be able to find a bus route to UConn. But overall the public transport network is very lacking if you're used to European standards, especially so in the eastern half of the state because it's more rural.

Busses are free right now so if you're willing to spend the time it's a way to save money very easily. $78,000 is doable for a couple in the area


yolagchy t1_j9wzbu4 wrote

Hi there! I just left UCONN after getting my PhD and I can tell you 1,400$ for rent is definitely doable but you might not get a good place, but if you live further away, lets say Ashford, Vernon etc you might get something decent for 1,400$. Car is absolute necessity at UCONN, you can survive without one but your life won’t be fun! And welcome to UCONN!!!


TreeEleben t1_j9yslwp wrote

You'll need a car. Especially in the eastern side of CT. Payment/insurance/gas/maintenance will be a significant chunk of your monthly budget. I would suggest buying a cheaper used car in cash so you can avoid the monthly payments. Drive the beater for a while, save money towards a better vehicle down the road.


adultdaycare81 t1_j9yt3wj wrote

As a debt free foreigner probably. I see many of the Indian immigrants in my town supporting a small family on what I assume is $75-125 (based on entry-mid level IT pay). But that makes the assumption you aren’t spending like we do here. So if you aren’t going out to eat, drive one older used car, don’t travel for vacations or only fly home.

Would your Spouse want to work eventually? A $25-45k second job from them really changes the math.


ArgumentLost9383 t1_j9wgl94 wrote

I agree with this, it’s possible but it’s all on how the individual is with money.


RampageRios t1_j9ydkzw wrote

If you don't have kids, probably.


zizouz13 t1_j9wy2zl wrote

Define comfortable


TheKnifeEdge t1_ja0cge8 wrote

Can two people survive on that, yes probably. Would it be a comfortable income, No. You will need to make many sacrifices and live very meagerly with that income for two people.


Radshuvel t1_j9ysp5k wrote

me and my wife pull it off on less! our mortgage is fixed though, so just be aware that rent goes up. Check out towns that highway 84 runs through for convenient uconn access, such as vernon and manchester.


ct_hickory_golf t1_j9z88sa wrote

Having a car will make your life easier, but if you find a place you like in Windham (Willimantic) you can likely get by without one. Public transit isn't amazing there, but you can get a bus to groceries and UConn.


RoughDuck66 t1_j9z9e7p wrote

maybe... just don't have kids, those things are what tack on all the $$$$


Boring_Garbage3476 t1_j9zbtml wrote

Barely. Rents are high right now and Storrs is pricy.


crispyboi33 t1_j9zqt6t wrote

depends what you define as comfortable. doable certainly yes. 1400 for rent may be doable but add another 250+ to that for utilities. 800/ month on groceries, you will need a car so unless you can buy one outright figure 250/ month for something decent. $100 a month for gasoline, 100 a month for car insurance, 100 a month (averaged out) for car maintenance. You’re at $3k/ month with all that leaving you $1600/ month after that. Eat out once a week at 50 bucks 1400 bucks left a month


joinyc t1_ja0i8u9 wrote

Maybe, honestly it all comes down to your lifestyle. For a single person/couple it might be fine, but with kids I can assure you 100% not enough.


Neat_Luck_4291 t1_ja0krcw wrote

Ummm. Maybe. Depends on the lifestyle, how many cars and expenses. I would say it would be tight it you like to go out for dinner etc, travel etc.


Vast-Government-8994 t1_ja0plju wrote

Definitely doable, however in that area you will need a vehicle. Mansfield, Ashford, Storrs & Willington are low crime areas but more rural. Stay out of Vernon/Manchester if you are concerned about crime. Good luck & welcome!


MBertolini t1_ja0tg81 wrote

You can do it, provided that bills aren't too high. But I promise one thing: you will really enjoy the word FREE and shop with coupons.


dignifiedgoat t1_ja0tzqp wrote

I don't agree with the comment to avoid Vernon- it's a nice easy commute to UConn and has way more amenities than the rural towns immediately outside of Storrs, and lots of rental options. We rented for six years at the Santini Villa apartments. They're not fancy but are comfortable, well-managed, reasonably priced (or at least they were at the time) and worked perfectly for a childless couple on a budget. They also have tons of outside lighting, I never worried about crime when living there.


decepticon67 t1_j9ybn7e wrote

you will need a car and more than likely have to commute but youll be fine


volanger t1_j9yihx4 wrote

I was doing pretty good on 60k in Vernon, so I imagine yes. But then again my rent was only 895 a month


BetSalt5499 t1_j9yj7bh wrote

Getting an appt on this salary is doable. If you are set on not getting a car, check to see which complexes are on bus routes to UConn. I believe that some farther out complexes that have less students (Perry Hill and Oakridge) might have a UConn bus that comes by a few times a day. I believe there are two companies that own the majority of the complexes around that area. If you do get a car, I know there are people who have homes where you can rent out their inlaw suite or finished studio above a garage. I personally think that would be the best financially and you would be away from students, but they maybe agree to locate.


adultdaycare81 t1_j9yshjj wrote

Depends what you are used to and how many children you have.

But I couldn’t


Bla_Bla_Blanket t1_ja6ezyy wrote

It depends on your debt and spending habits as well as expectations. You can survive but I wouldn’t say ‘comfortably’. Connecticut is an expensive state a car is a must especially where you plan on living. Rent for $1,400 overall in the state is considering to be on the low-mid range so depending where you decide to live the living arrangements may be sub par. I think looking into towns, school systems etc would be a good idea to gauge what rent may look like etc.


darthscandelous t1_ja77wbi wrote

Don’t forget the car tax if you decide to get a car.


samwise0214 t1_j9z5ucz wrote

I lived in Vernon as a grad student on $22k. This was about 10 years ago at this point so I'm not sure how rent has changed. If you have a car I highly recommend commuting from Vernon or Manchester


DungareeManSkedaddle t1_j9wdvl5 wrote

Live in what?


siditumart OP t1_j9whizm wrote

Storrs in Connecticut. Where UConn is based.


[deleted] t1_j9wi5z2 wrote

Is Storrs where you’re looking? If so, there are minimal rental opportunities in the area. Those that exist will be $2000+/month, most likely more. You may have to look at Willimantic, Coventry, Ashford, Willington, Tolland. There are just as few opportunities there, but rents might be lower (except for Tolland). You and your wife could live on $78K in CT, but not “comfortably”.


siditumart OP t1_j9wiqwc wrote

How's the safety in Willimantic, Coventry, Ashford, Willington, Tolland ?


[deleted] t1_j9wjhuh wrote

All are very safe. Willimantic to a lesser extent, but still a cool place to live, especially in the Prospect Hill Historic District. You should also look at Vernon and Manchester. There are many more rentals there, more competitive prices, better shopping, etc.


EmEmAndEye t1_j9z5767 wrote

Willimantic was incredibly rundown and had the state’s worst heroin problem for decades. Other drugs and crimes were pretty bad too. It’s getting better though, through a lot of hard work, but I’d still put it last on my list of potential homes.