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iwanttobehappy2022 t1_j9sb39p wrote

Nope buy a fresh Costco one it’s ten times better than what you make guaranteed. You aren’t capable of brining the meat well nor is your oven as good. Face man you wrote a small book that provides instructions on how to make a less tasty chicken than Costco and way more expensive.

Your instructions don’t even brine or cure the chicken so already your recipe is trash. Admit your wrong.


mikeyo73 t1_j9sckjw wrote

That recipe is directly from the NY Times Cooking section, feel free to take it up with them. And feel free to enjoy your Costco chicken, I just wanted to show people another way to enjoy a tasty chicken dinner.


iwanttobehappy2022 t1_j9stjfr wrote

You failed horrendously. You lied and were dishonest. You had to plagiarize crap to lie to fit in? That’s sorry as hell. In ct we don’t play those toddler games.


blaze1234 t1_j9scwtf wrote

harsh but I agree

Head if an always from scratch, ingredients only, outside prepared foid 2-3 times a month household.

Cistco chicken is tge exception, 7-10 fine healthy meals cheaper than a Big Mac