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JustADudeBeingADood t1_j74ssct wrote

It is also possible someone else parked like shit, forcing them to park like this on the line. Then when the other car(s) leaves, it leaves this dude looking bad when he was just parking where he could.


Funny_stuff554 OP t1_j756bty wrote

In that case one can find a different parking spot instead of parking improper themselves.


JustADudeBeingADood t1_j757s0i wrote

Unless the lot was full before this picture was taken. Or that driver has little kids or has mobility issues and doesn't want to walk across the entire lot.

I've definitely been in situations where I had to park like this because of another car being improperly parked.


Funny_stuff554 OP t1_j758jos wrote

That's not good.if someone parks improperly you don't also do it and occupy 2 find a nearest spot where you can park properly in-between those 2 lines..if you have mobility issues, you get a handicap sticker.


JustADudeBeingADood t1_j7594oy wrote

If there are 3 spots left in a parking lot and someone double parks, you are simply taking the last physical space in the lot.

If I have two toddlers with me, I'm not qualifying for a handicap sticker. If I injure my leg temporarily, I'm not qualifying for a sticker.


Funny_stuff554 OP t1_j75aa0j wrote

You are talking about different scenarios now. None of that applies here as there were other spots available.if you have two toddlers find a way to move them around.theres no excuse for an improper parking or driving.Good luck telling the cop that you got an injured leg.


Warpedme t1_j76ci8o wrote

Side note: as someone who injured themselves when he had a baby in a baby seat, you absolutely can get a temp disabled tag and it's not even difficult. I've also had a temp disabled tag when I didn't have a baby but needed crutches after an injury on my left (non driving) leg.


Vandersnatch182 t1_j76l6uk wrote

You're wrong, sorry. I'm probably going to eat some downvotes, but the other commenter is correct in this instance.

That being said, this person is parked like an ass


Funny_stuff554 OP t1_j770oap wrote

Because they are making all the imaginable scenarios to justify this. Toddlers,injured leg.. with the mindset you can excuse just about anything.idk why even have laws then.


ArabianCamels t1_j7a29ax wrote

You just sound lazy. Park and do your business. It isn't this deep.


Sauvignonomnom t1_j74h0af wrote

Definitely read this in the voice of Red Foreman.


sirscooter t1_j74hpp5 wrote

The question is it 2 or 4 parking spaces


Funny_stuff554 OP t1_j74pps5 wrote

Today, they only occupied 2. But it kinda hurt because it was the front parking spots 🥲


Myotherside t1_j76azl1 wrote

Gonna go out on a limb and suggest that you might need to walk the extra couple of feet. It is not a great physical burden at all, if you find walking that extra distance to be so difficult I would recommend parking in the very back of the parking lot and walking in the future.


Nigel_IncubatorJones t1_j74vkd0 wrote

What's the big deal? There are obviously other parking spaces available. It would be different if the parking lot was full. I swear people look for the smallest things to be mad about. There is an empty parking space right in front of that vehicle


PpowerCcRs t1_j74yvrk wrote

Its easy to judge people, today coincidentally I saw a woman trying to park in a hospital park and she parked crookedly, so I judge her, I said this is stupid Someone has license and can’t park correctly still, she got out of her car and she was a special need, then I oops and mind my business, she got back in her car to park correctly but she failed again, then she got out of her car and like I read her brain said fuck it, I’m going to see my doc now, it’s not my plan to fight with this crap lol Judging is a toxic feeling just mind you fucking business buddy


Funny_stuff554 OP t1_j75617t wrote

This is not crooked parking this is improper and careless parking. I don't care if the tire is on the other side of the line but half of the car means you don't have an awareness in which case driving might be dangerous for you and others.


Larrik t1_j740q9v wrote

It’s easy to throw shade at these folks, but you never know if they were parking next to someone else who started it, and the original car left…

Edit: meant this less as a defense and more as a warning not to park wrong because of someone else (if you can avoid it).


Funny_stuff554 OP t1_j7411ey wrote

If I encounter something like that I usually just find a different spot instead of taking up 2 spaces myself.


theABYSSbecameME t1_j74knq5 wrote

Agreed.. doesn’t warrant public shaming when for all u know they may have really had to use facilities and parking was the least of their concern. This ranks pretty damn low in terms of dumb shit in my humble opinion there’s plenty of truly awful shit going on in this country… let the vitriol begin!


TheDudeMaintains t1_j7419j0 wrote

So the entire row was crotched over every line, then they all left except you this guy? Do us all a favor and park your room-temp credit score, base model, $129/month for 360 months at 29% APR piece of shit rogue inside the lines next time.


Funny_stuff554 OP t1_j741le6 wrote

Hehe some serious emotional damage to all the Nissan rogue owners right here 🤣


TheDudeMaintains t1_j748io0 wrote

I got did done wrong by one too many of those soup sandwiches on wheels


pozzisoft t1_j74ryom wrote

There was a curb your enthusiasm episode of exactly this. Lol Larry was like "I didn't start it! There were a whole row of cars there I swear!"


keepitupxxx t1_j76le2n wrote

People just do not care🤔


AfterMoonSet t1_j75ftkf wrote

You never been at the parking lot West Farms Mall before.


plachelier t1_j75hh3d wrote

If you fuck like you park, you’ll never get it in


evilestcake t1_j74pi0y wrote

I love this lmfao. Boo bad parking!!!! Something I always want to yell out IRL


baphosam t1_j74qftk wrote

What a Coneticunt.


Mellon_Collie88 t1_j750mt5 wrote

Weirdo shit taking photos of people’s cars and posting it online, license plate on full display..


Funny_stuff554 OP t1_j755sz1 wrote

Isn't the license plate on full display normally? It's also extremely frustrating when you have to park at the end because someone took 2 spots .


CalligrapherDizzy201 t1_j76jhj1 wrote

Walking a few extra feet is extremely frustrating? Maybe you should ditch the car for awhile and get some exercise.


Funny_stuff554 OP t1_j770h4l wrote

Maybe they need parking lessons more than I need some exercise.


greenday61892 t1_j75735z wrote

> Isn't the license plate on full display normally?

It's called blocking it out in the editor


Funny_stuff554 OP t1_j757frd wrote

Why do I have to block something that's literally on display for public.


Myotherside t1_j76ap7t wrote

It’s rude. Probably more rude than the parking job TBH


Funny_stuff554 OP t1_j77025b wrote

How's it rude? If the person was in the pic I would've blurred their face but you are expecting me to blur something that's literally on full display all the time. What's next? Blur the rims and headlights?


greenday61892 t1_j77af6g wrote

Rims and headlights are not single-person identifying like license plates are, nice strawman though


Funny_stuff554 OP t1_j77ffyb wrote

Ask stupid questions get stupid answers.. why are you expecting me to edit something out which is out for public display all the time.


Myotherside t1_j7dx7wm wrote

You can’t possibly be that dumb, you must be joking right


Funny_stuff554 OP t1_j7dyip6 wrote

Yes, stop expecting me to edit out plates.


Myotherside t1_j7fqbty wrote

In reasonable subs it’s against the rules, so we don’t have to debate over etiquette


JR32OFFICIAL t1_j752qz7 wrote

No law against it 🙂 why not


Funny_stuff554 OP t1_j755kjl wrote

I think the cop can issue a ticket for it if they see it. Might be something like improper parking


EdRedSled t1_j76cwoy wrote

This is an asshole not dumbass…


Trifish23 t1_j76eabm wrote



red_purple_red t1_j77qzh6 wrote

Maybe when they got there other cars were not parked within the lines so they were forced to park like this. Then the other cars left and the next cars parked within the lines.


ProInvestCK t1_j788iyj wrote

Just reminds me that one day a picture of my car will likely end up on this sub


julyjjoe88 t1_j74hlqa wrote

Please someone tell me they put a foot in that dummy’s ass!


1234nameuser t1_j743emi wrote

don't discriminate, maybe they just have a really really wide ass


Funny_stuff554 OP t1_j743tbe wrote

Then they can find a different parking spot instead of parking at the front of the store taking 2 spaces on a 15F degree day 🥶