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Funny_stuff554 OP t1_j757frd wrote

Reply to comment by greenday61892 in Dumbass by Funny_stuff554

Why do I have to block something that's literally on display for public.


Myotherside t1_j76ap7t wrote

It’s rude. Probably more rude than the parking job TBH


Funny_stuff554 OP t1_j77025b wrote

How's it rude? If the person was in the pic I would've blurred their face but you are expecting me to blur something that's literally on full display all the time. What's next? Blur the rims and headlights?


greenday61892 t1_j77af6g wrote

Rims and headlights are not single-person identifying like license plates are, nice strawman though


Funny_stuff554 OP t1_j77ffyb wrote

Ask stupid questions get stupid answers.. why are you expecting me to edit something out which is out for public display all the time.


Myotherside t1_j7dx7wm wrote

You can’t possibly be that dumb, you must be joking right


Funny_stuff554 OP t1_j7dyip6 wrote

Yes, stop expecting me to edit out plates.


Myotherside t1_j7fqbty wrote

In reasonable subs it’s against the rules, so we don’t have to debate over etiquette