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par3688 t1_j9vuago wrote

Kovacs at Geatano’s. Chicken cutlet, mozzarella, broccoli rabe and prosciutto.


Mutts_Merlot t1_j9wtbq1 wrote

Oh my goodness. This isn't my part of the state but I may need to make a pilgrimage.


eldersveld t1_j9ya7uy wrote

Their bread is from Arthur Ave in the Bronx and I wish more places in CT used it. I've had so many grinders that would have been put over the top if they used decent bread instead of those cheap white loaves.


par3688 t1_j9z7nev wrote

The sesame bread from Arthur Avenue is what separates them from all other delis in the area, probably even the state.


OutTheOfficeWindow t1_j9w0swi wrote

Wethersfield Pizza. It will shut you down. There’s also Corner Deli in Hartford. They must make 500-1000 parmigiana sandwiches a day.


LizzieBordensPetRock t1_j9y62ks wrote

When we moved to the area, husband and I poked fun because who says “home of the chicken cutlet” and how old the place looks. Coworker said we had to try it and now we understand.


RagnarKon t1_j9z8672 wrote

The place is deceiving for sure.

It is a fairly run down, hole-in-the-wall sorta place. Looks like it hasn't been updated or seen a fresh coat of paint since probably the mid-1990s if I were to guess.

But definitely some of the best chicken grinders around.


Gluecows t1_j9zdvt8 wrote

Wethersfield Pizza House is the only correct answer. Any place that looks like it’s from the 90’s, takes cash only and is still in business is going to be good.


eldersveld t1_j9yaj6e wrote

>Corner Deli in Hartford

This made me think of Corner Grinder in Hartford, which had great sandwiches as well as old school Italian dishes for decades until the family sold it, after which it promptly went downhill until closure. Still miss their pizzaiola. RIP


OutTheOfficeWindow t1_j9ycc18 wrote

Ohh man that place was so so so so good. I used to take my mom there for lunch. When he retired I almost cried.


eldersveld t1_j9yd0gq wrote

It was such a gem and I always made sure to try their non-grinder stuff. Amazing chicken soup, broccoli and cavatelli, pasta fazool, lamb stew, you name it.. and that special pizza of theirs with the spinach, potatoes, and sausage.

I gave them one chance after ownership changed. The new owners both trash-talked the old family and put out inferior food. It was sad but a relief when they finally closed for good


OutTheOfficeWindow t1_j9ydql1 wrote

Yea I went once with the new owners and never went back. I ordered the pasta with broccoli rabe and it was nothing like the old days. I wish I had some of their recipes…


_xXmyusernameXx_ t1_j9z6cm8 wrote

I get that and have enough chicken cutlets left for 3 more meals. It is literally impossible to fit in your mouth as it is roughly the size of your entire head.


CT-OR t1_j9vjkgz wrote

Home plate deli in Monroe. Menu sandwich called the home run. Chicken cutlet, roasted red peppers, mozzarella, oil and vinegar


urBEASTofBURDENog t1_j9w420u wrote

Went there once waited in line which wasn't a line just a different mob of people and after 20 min never actually got any food. They just kept pointing at other people to order and I was like hey I'm here. I told the guy my order he says ok and took the next order and started making there's. And just looked at me weird. Honestly it was one of the weirdest experiences in my life. Just walked out after 20 min.


nathanshale t1_j9wl8av wrote

Welcome to the New England deli experience. I’ve always been fascinated by this phenomenon. It’s really not an environment that’s conducive to outsiders.


NeOxXt t1_j9vp7n6 wrote

Super Sandwich in Shelton. Like, to the point I specifically drive there from Torrington.


jk660r t1_j9vxrbi wrote

Wethersfield Pizza House. I live near Claudia's and they aren't even close to WPH. Check the website


Polkhigh99 t1_j9w5yur wrote

A&S in Fairfield, Gaetano’s in Stratford and Westport.


Darrone t1_j9y4f1b wrote

A&S Italian combo is my go to there.


Kiylyou t1_j9vr5fj wrote

No contest. Claudia's Grinders


Toroceratops t1_j9vrbsz wrote

Yep. Seems weird to see them moving across the street. Hope it doesn't affect the grinders.


DontGearTheReaper t1_j9w8r47 wrote

I doubt it will. I know the owner, he’s a super solid dude and is just stoked to be able to expand a bit. Shouldn’t be any other changes than venue!!


Toroceratops t1_j9x8ovx wrote

I can see that. Definitely a small shop as it currently stands. I'm curious to see how the new setup looks.


DontGearTheReaper t1_ja0f51o wrote

Same. I (unfortunately) moved out of state so I gotta drop in next time I’m in the area!


32_4_you t1_j9vtmog wrote

Right! I thought that building was for the driving range. Kind of a strange spot to put a restaurant. Also they were supposed to move in there in October, I’m sure they’re not happy with the contractors


eldersveld t1_j9zfpi6 wrote

So I've tried the chicken parm and meatball parm at Claudia's and was underwhelmed both times (compared to some of the other places mentioned here). Do they have something specific that's just fantastic?


afapracing t1_j9vxb9n wrote

I have a friend that swears by Wethersfield Pizza House. Been trying to get down there for a while now. Gotta try for myself.


johnnyzen425 t1_j9wxfu7 wrote

In this neck of the woods, Wethersfield Pizza is the Kingpin. They are huge AND delicious. I prefer mine with peppers, sauce, cheese...and a side of sauce for a buck or so for dipping. The sauce is so damn tasty.


brdoma1991 t1_j9y220l wrote

Hold on. Do you actually mean Wethersfield pizza house? Or House of Wethersfield Pizza. There’s a huge difference


thesbaine t1_j9vw3la wrote

Highly subjective. Do you like ‘em thick or thin? Do you want it super crispy or slightly? Do you want the crust herbed or no?

So much variability.


DJ_DD t1_j9wksxp wrote

Franklin Giant Grinder , Hartford CT


eldersveld t1_j9ya1fs wrote

Gonna chime in here for Franklin. There are a lot of great chicken cutlets in this state, but Franklin does something to their breading - I don't know if it's the oil they use or what - that makes it stand out. It's good enough that I can even excuse their garbage bread (which a number of other places, including Wethersfield Pizza House, are guilty of using). Unless I'm far enough away that it's just dumb to drive there, if I want a chicken parm, I'm going to Franklin.


iamthetimby t1_j9vl5y1 wrote

Home Plate Deli is my favorite. Super Sandwich and Gaetanos are both tremendous as well. There's definitely others out there.


Ftheyankeei t1_j9w4vvy wrote

My go-to is Cornerstone Hartford


Mutts_Merlot t1_j9wtodd wrote

Pre-pandemic, the line stretched onto the sidewalk at lunchtime. They just kept bringing out trays of chicken cutlets from the back. I hope they are still doing well. That's a quality, no frills, delicious chicken cutlet sandwich.


ajamuso t1_j9y9l7h wrote

You had to add about 30 min to lunch if you tried to get cornerstone at rush lol. Crazy line but always was worth


Jets237 t1_j9voutg wrote

I like Fusaro's on high ridge in Stamford.


Foofoonugget t1_j9w3ueh wrote

Don’t live in West Haven and have only gone when taking WH train station to NYC because parking is good there…but Provenzano’s chicken cutlet, with provolone, rabe and garlic…fantastic.


eldersveld t1_j9yaw8r wrote

I keep meaning to try Provenzano's. Usually if I'm in West Haven it's for Zuppardi's but I need to change it up


B6304T4 t1_j9wrh0t wrote

Wethersfield pizza house. Steve and Maria are worth the trip alone. My personal guilty pleasure is Kensington market though. Whenever I go through Berlin I get a chicken cutlet parm on a hard roll with peppers and onions and a piece of Lasagna for the next day's lunch.


MrSteven20618 t1_j9w32bo wrote

Not Fairfield county but worth the drive. The chicken cutlet from Franklin Giant Grinder. Check hours and call before heading there. Wait times can range from 20 mins to 60+.


sepia5 t1_j9x51x4 wrote

I'll second Franklin Giant Grinder, as mentioned above, and add the Cowgirl at Nica's in New Haven. Chicken cutlet, LTO, bacon, hot cherry peppers, provolone and mayo on pressed focaccia. 🤌


otis-potus t1_j9vkyzu wrote

Wethersfield Pizza House


[deleted] t1_j9vmhq8 wrote



otis-potus t1_j9vr107 wrote

Oh no I haven’t been in a while! That’s so sad to hear!


zackleein t1_j9why1m wrote

What did the comment say? It was deleted


otis-potus t1_j9wxue4 wrote

That WPH is now gross and dirty. And I was getting downvoted so I figured I was missing something. I don’t know.


tlally1 t1_j9wa45z wrote

Gaetanos in Westport


missvicky1025 t1_j9wcsbv wrote

Steve’s Deli in New Milford. Fried Chicken cutlet, mozzarella, bacon, tomatoes, Italian dressing.

Will change your life. Also, best bacon, egg, & cheese in CT.


purfectluv t1_j9wdcxb wrote

Wethersfield Pizza House!


mdnitedrftr t1_j9wll9c wrote

I think this is my favorite thread of all time. So many new places to try!


Garizondyly t1_j9xf4sz wrote

Stay a while in this sub, half the posts tend to be "favorire X food?" And i aint complaining


a_w_taylor t1_j9y9pan wrote

Amen - glad for new recs and seeing many of my faves.


zensnapple t1_ja39733 wrote

Agreed, saved a ton of spots in the notes on my phone for when I find myself in these random corners of CT once a year or whenever.


Zis4zinnia t1_j9wn1pm wrote

Super sandwich in Shelton for sure. They’re frying cutlets all day so they’re fresh.


nishkabob1 t1_j9x4tye wrote

According to their sign, Wethersfield Pizza is "The Home of the Chicken Cutlet"... so if it lives there they must be the best...


DifferentManagement1 t1_j9vtktn wrote

The Kenny at Vavalas in Darien

Chicken cutlet on a wedge with bacon, melted mozzarella cheese, pesto and balsamic vinaigrette.


dhb113 t1_j9x2mag wrote

Vavala’s is great. So is Mama Carmela’s.


mercifulpanda t1_j9w9ac7 wrote

Veggie world In new Britain, same staff for over two decades and they make magic happen. You won’t regret it


meesch_mosh t1_j9wdet0 wrote

I completely forgot about that place! Used to shop there years ago when I worked in the area.


lublinj2 t1_j9wo2a0 wrote

Used to go there all the time when I was at CCSU, 10/10


Mentalskllnss t1_j9wd7z9 wrote

For Pete’s sake deli in Bethel! The wicked chicken is wonderful


roadpupp t1_j9wh5zv wrote

Hornets nest in Branford. Thin hand breaded cutlets! Pesto or Parmesan with sauce and fresh mozzarella.


ricecream667 t1_j9wp10s wrote

General Store or Misty Vale Deli in Newtown. Get the flagpole


zensnapple t1_ja39a77 wrote

The flagpole is the one in this thread I've tried and it is definitely fire.


Icy-Peach6846 t1_j9wzlvx wrote

A&S for sure. Absolute beaut of a sandwich


tez911 t1_j9xbu1m wrote

Italian gourmet deli in Newington 👌


juulianc t1_j9y8g24 wrote

The godfather (chicken cutlet, prosciutto, pesto, red peppers, mosz, some other stuff) from Deli U in Guilford.


orangeriskpiece t1_j9yllgo wrote

Deli U in guilford. Gas station deli on rt 1, line out the door most days for lunch. Get the Godfather, chicken cutlet, prosciutto, roasted peppers, pesto, red onion, oil/vinegar, and fresh mozzarella (comes with provolone, sub in the mozz).


Lolodelish t1_ja00m5s wrote

Larry bird if you like barbecue sauce and to take naps


Select-Cellist1464 t1_j9zdin4 wrote

This is right in my wheelhouse.. So I worked for Gaetano’s for 6 years in the original Stratford location. They were definitely the best at that time. I’ve made prolly 1000s of Kovac specials, I gone to Adeo’s bakery on Arthur ave to pick up the bread… yada yada it was the best..

Now my Uncle opened Super Sandwich in Shelton. (Originally supposed to be another Gaetanos which no one knows) His imitation of the kovac is also pretty good. But I’m sure there are other good cutlet sandwiches out there.


Mj6519 t1_ja04wqy wrote

Liuzzi or Gaetanos. Take your pick


Dunkinjay1 t1_j9w2zak wrote

Rinaldi’s Deli in Stamford. Two cutlets,roasted red peppers, melted mozzarella,and Italian dressing on a hard roll. It’s enough for two meals


TrafficAble1854 t1_j9wjsm9 wrote

They went downhill a bit recently, I think the owner is sick or something. Hasn’t had the same quality as of the last couple months.


Dunkinjay1 t1_j9wl37b wrote

That sucks to hear. I haven’t been there in awhile but it was always my go to when working in Stamford


Amity83 t1_j9x3mg0 wrote

I don’t think it’s on the menu anymore, but they used to make the bruin which was a chicken cutlet, mozzarella, BBQ sauce, and bacon. It was heaven. Gaetanos is the best deli in CT these days.


Humbabwe t1_j9wae2l wrote

Idk about best in CT, but my opinion for best in Fairfield proper is pine creek deli.


djdeforte t1_j9waglz wrote

Rinaldi’s in Stamford. Only cutlet like my mothers, they are amazing.


TrafficAble1854 t1_j9wk0uw wrote

Giovanni’s deli is my favorite high ridge in stamford


SaviourMK2 t1_j9wzzwg wrote

Franklin Giant Grinder in Hartford


ConsistentlyBroken t1_j9x2tjm wrote

Rocco's Delicatessen in Bethel Village Square. Absolutely kills it with their Chicken cutlet grinder "The Rocco Classic". Juicy crispy chicken cutlets, smoked thick cut bacon, mozzarella, shredded lettuce & tomatoes with mayo & some Frank's red hot on a sesame seed wedge. Absolute Unit of a grinder. A1


bumblewacky t1_j9x3yoj wrote

Claudia’s in Farmington


stacefacex0 t1_j9xa2wq wrote

Super Sandwich in Shelton.


ArushinMyth t1_j9xwu0c wrote

Johnny Salami's 205 Food Terminal Plaza, New Haven, CT 06511

Wethersfield Pizza House 955 Silas Deane Hwy, Wethersfield, CT 06109

Both are great choices.


rpm04004 t1_j9xzgmc wrote

Lenocis in wethersfield


sterlingminuteman t1_j9y1hy9 wrote

Fusaro’s Italian Deli on High Ridge in Stamford. I went there for the first time yesterday on the recommendation of another Redditor. Outstanding, and really nice people. I had the Calabrian Mia, but Sure Thing, and Big Blue are also supposed to be good.


[deleted] t1_j9y2ryh wrote

Allegro Cafe or LaRosa’s

Both in Hartford off Franklin Ave


JackieDraper907 t1_j9y2zyn wrote

Mama Carmela’s in Stamford is FANTASTIC, gotta order a chicken cutlet with cherry peppers and oil and vinegar. With that said, the guy somewhat recently passed away and it looks like there are new owners (even though there are still familiar faces). Price jump aside, it just isn’t the same anymore


stengbeng t1_j9y3m0v wrote

Hometown in Norwalk near Norwalk High


Brutovce-Soul19 t1_j9y5vd3 wrote

This is the best thread I’ve ever been on. Thanks to the OP and all the killer contributors.


Rsaleh t1_j9ykftk wrote

Classic panini from nicas in new haven


SaintNazaireReznov t1_j9ypl0h wrote

CT Fresh Food and Produce in Wallingford,CT. Absurdly large grinders for reasonable price. Im so full from eating just half.


lmz-d t1_j9ysggj wrote

Gaetanos. Hands down. Kovac is great but I also just get it how I like it sometimes as well, lettuce tomato mayo etc. I also like to put hot soppressta on as well. 3 locations in ffld county. Definitely check Google for hours, I believe each it a bit different. Stratford closed Mondays, Shelton closed Sundays. Not sure about westport


richgee t1_j9ytr71 wrote

New Canaan Pizza - Chicken Parmigiana


alaskamode907 t1_j9yyjfo wrote

Danny's Pizza in Enfield makes great chicken cutlet grinders


toonlinkirl t1_j9zqkzo wrote

Heritage Deli in Southbury, the Wicked Chicken and Southbury’s Best were usually my go-to. Haven’t had them in a while though


zensnapple t1_ja39y5l wrote

Heritage deli is pretty good as far as quality, but the value of what you get for the price is incredible compared to other delis in the area. 2.50 for a respectable bacon egg and cheese in 2023 CT is nothing to shake a stick at. I got a really solid reuben and a chocolate milk there out the door for like 9.50 last month.


snowconep13 t1_j9zqn48 wrote

Firehouse deli in Fairfield is 🔥 and cutspring deli in strat City (Stratford ) is top tier sandys


jackiejusttrying t1_ja0n9qs wrote

My fav so far, from Best Edibles in Trumbull, the pioneer. Chicken Cutlet, prosciutto, L, T, fresh mozz, roasted red peppers and pesto Mayo. 🤤


Ok-Spring6950 t1_ja1zdhk wrote

Wethersfield Pizza House "Home of the Chicken Cutlet". Easily set the standard for all chicken cutlet sandwiches I have ever had.

It's stacked with chicken, we'll seasoned, cheesy and the sauce just can't go wrong with this place.

Wethersfield has so many good restaurants that offer chicken cutlets like Village Pizza, Lenoci's Kitchen and a few more. There's also a Sally's Apizza is opening up in Wethersfield too. I won't be able to contain myself.


mynameisnotshamus t1_j9vw3h4 wrote

My wife who is from the southwest insists that not all chicken cutlets are breaded.