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smkmn13 t1_j9w6j2s wrote

Cool tunnel, but I hate waiting if there's a line of cars. I feel like they could add a retro-looking stoplight (lol) and not lose the charm


coolducklingcool t1_j9w7sj5 wrote

Are tunnels like these really that rare? There was one by where I used to live in Danbury, there’s one in Newtown…


soulofsoniy t1_j9waabl wrote

There’s also the tunnel near Katz Deli in New Haven on the merrit


RededHaid t1_j9wb5ov wrote

I know there's one in Madison and one in (or just South of) Suffield.


SavageWatch t1_j9wfuhx wrote

There is a walking trail that goes over this tunnel. There is also a walking trail that goes under the Merritt Parkway in Wallingford.


glgirieh t1_j9wh98c wrote

Shoot, I ride my bike through the Hop River trail and I go through a tunnel on a bike path.


Essigucha t1_j9whl9s wrote

I believe there is a huge tunnel on RT 15 between Woodbridge and Hamden. We always played the try to hold your breath trough the whole tunnel game as a kid. It’s been a real long time though.


flytweed t1_j9wnklz wrote

If this counts as a tunnel, then New Haven has at least 3 other tunnels under buildings/ city blocks


indiejonesRL t1_j9wp643 wrote

How do you quantify “one of the only”? Because I feel like there are a lot of these kinds of tunnels in CT.


midmodmad t1_j9wqjzv wrote

There are plenty of them wherever train tracks are.


smkmn13 t1_j9wsx2v wrote

They do, it just takes forevvvver if you've got more than one or two cars waiting. A light would be far more efficient (although perhaps more dangerous? Don't know).


Haydechs t1_j9wwwmz wrote

To the right you can also see one of the only types of street signs in Connecticut as well


WonderChopstix t1_j9wyffu wrote

One of the only...?

60 percent of the time it works everytime


SnooAvocados9343 t1_j9x0czq wrote

You clearly haven't driven to CT often. These are very common specially on back roads


AfterMoonSet t1_j9x23ax wrote

Oh the Heroes Tunnel. I once saw a truck stuck right in front of it heading towards NY. I was heading North, noticed there were no cars heading in the other direction, emerged from the tunnel, and was like, "Ohhhh, there is the idiot".


Synapse82 t1_j9x5i3d wrote

This is so common in CT that I’m confused. But I did giggle. Thanks.


sporky211 t1_j9x89h5 wrote

Every time I drive through this I have a small panic attack even going 5 mph up to it


HockeyandTrauma t1_j9xztjp wrote

Looks like by post history this person is just karma farming.


GoOnNoMeatNoPudding t1_j9y2j6d wrote

I literally drive through a tunnel everyday in the most random part of CT.

There is a tunnel on our highway systems.

This dude doesn’t leave his town or smoke some good weed to think it’s one of the few here.


Strict_Lingonberry_1 t1_j9y7u4m wrote

Reminds me - I need to post that pic I took of one of the only Dunkin Donuts in the state….


tipsybasketball t1_j9yalbq wrote

This tunnel is a pain in the ass, I will always try to find a way around.


smurphy8536 t1_j9yhlna wrote

Just follow the railroads and you’ll find a lot more.


laptopAccount2 t1_j9z37si wrote

Do you mean bonafide tunnels or small bridges with one lane under them? Not the same thing. There are only a handful of tunnels in CT, even if you include the tunnel twisters waterslide, which should only count as one tunnel.

In most places they just blasted the rock out of the way instead of digging a tunnel through the Earth.


bjt1021 t1_j9z5wut wrote

Beep beep beeep beep beeeeeeep


Kodiak01 t1_j9zemk7 wrote

The one in Vernon isn't, unfortunately. It's supposed to be cars stopping and taking turns to go through. Recently some idiots have tried blowing past the line only to get stopped halfway through and forced to back out.


gouse47 t1_j9zgojf wrote

There is 2 in west haven just like this.


NLCmanure t1_j9ztm9k wrote

Airline Trail Overpass in Salmon River State Forest.


OrePhan t1_ja0mpxr wrote

I’m one of the only people in CT


Steady_Habits_CT t1_ja0oz7m wrote

Talk about a misleading title!

I don't know this structure, but I differentiate between a tunnel under a natural object--Lincoln Tunnel, Holland Tunnel, Ted Williams Tunnel, etc. and a crossing underneath a man-made object. There isn't enough in this photo to know whether what is likely a railroad track was built up or if this is a naturally occurring obstacle. Along the MetroNorth tracks in a fairfield County there are multiple structures similar to this startong just over the NY line, underneath elevated railroad tracks.

Most important is that CT has a pair of serious tunnels on the Wilbur Cross. The tunnel in this photo isn't particularly unique. .


magica12 t1_ja2oqy9 wrote

Then there’s the tunnel in Hartford that always seems to have an accident in it early in the morning