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JaneD-oh t1_j8ykipd wrote

Stopping at my neighbors on my way home to hang out for a bit, have a beer and smoke a little weed and chat. He's 87 years old, I'm not quite 40. He's one of the best friends I've ever had in my life.


thethurstonhowell t1_j8zb1pv wrote

I choose to believe this is Daniel-san and Mr. Miyagi, the later years.


WhaleyWino235 t1_j8yrzui wrote

I would purchase a book you wrote to hear some of those conversations and stories. My god that’s just amazing and beautiful. ♥️


slippygumband t1_j8zpn3l wrote

I used to hang out with Velma who lived across the street from my old house. She was in her late 80s, walked 3 blocks to the YMCA every morning for yoga class, then came home, made lunch, and enjoyed it with a Miller Lite (or two). Loved her.


DogemuchFuture t1_j8yy2uj wrote

That sounds sick


JaneD-oh t1_j8zlpur wrote

I can see why you'd think that but it's really not. He's offered invaluable insight and advice and wisdom to me over the years and it's been a great help to me. I've mowed his lawn and shoveled snow and done things around his house to try to be a help to him. I'm friends with his family as well.


HRzNightmare t1_j8ydw3k wrote

My gf is going out of town for the weekend, so I'm dogsitting her pup and catching up on all the shows she hates. I'm actually really looking forward to it!


thesbaine t1_j8y5yx9 wrote

Netflix, with a non-zero probability of some chill afterwards.


sgtpepper220 t1_j8ypwj9 wrote

My wife and I just got insane weed after smoking home grown for like 5 months. We're gonna get ripped and watch White Lotus


1800lampshade t1_j8zdyeg wrote

Love that show! My wife and I killed both seasons. Though I have to say, the hotel manager in S1 was probably my favorite character of the show right next to the queen herself.


sgtpepper220 t1_j8zftpa wrote

My wife hopped on when I started season 2, so we went back to season 1 for her after.

Armond, the hotel manager, is the same actor as Frank from the Last of Us episode 3. He's awesome.

I loved Mike White's description of the end of season 2 for Tanya in the "inside the episode"


IrishWithoutPotatoes t1_j8zjsx8 wrote

Frank was one of the best written/acted characters in modern television, and I’ll fight anyone who says otherwise


sgtpepper220 t1_j9168zy wrote

Easily the best love story I've seen in a long time.


IrishWithoutPotatoes t1_j91zldv wrote

For sure. I was in tears by the end and my gf was like “isn’t this based off of the game? You knew this was happening right?”

No babe, this was definitely not in the game. Hence the emotional devastation I’m currently undergoing lol


sgtpepper220 t1_j923bom wrote

I only played like an hour of the first game so my wife ended up knowing more about it than me after she read about the differences.

Absolutely crazy how much emotion that last shot of the window commands. Like holy hell that was powerful


Elegance200 t1_j92o9o9 wrote

insane in a good or bad way? I smoked some home grown the other day, and it blows the CA dispensary weed out of the water in terms of quality. I just don't like how strong all the strains are nowadays


sgtpepper220 t1_j92oo04 wrote

My wife and I have pretty high tolerance and it's stronger than most strains we've tried.


WhaleyWino235 t1_j8yb6s4 wrote

Smoking and having some beers. Eating stuffed sausage bread from Stews. Life will be good after the chemical shock.


Ambitious_Variety t1_j8ylqsu wrote

Making pizza at home because it's $30 for a 1 topping large these days


mandolinpebbles t1_j9118f4 wrote

If there’s a pizza place you like, you can sometimes buy the dough from them. My mom did that for birthday parties for myself and my brother.


shannerd727 t1_j8ygrcx wrote

Millwright’s in Simsbury for their prix fixe menu. It’s a really fun experience.


Machete521 t1_j8yir1l wrote



No_Recognition2795 t1_j8yeqrp wrote

12hr shift at Amazon lol


Theriggerswife t1_j8zhfp3 wrote

We all appreciate you!! 💪🏼💪🏼


IndicationOver t1_j92i7en wrote

Fuck Amazon, maybe its great for the people addicted to buying junk they don't need I guess.


ChemistryMedium t1_j90a02o wrote

Thats got to be a fulfilling job, I’ve never had a package late or damage from amazon so you are doing a great job so far👍🏼


Extreme-Cupcake5929 t1_j90pydk wrote

RT ?


No_Recognition2795 t1_j90pzo2 wrote

Yeah BDL3


roadpupp t1_j8y8x6z wrote

Take out and beer on the couch with the family! My favorite in Winter.


topsheetisamust t1_j8ycper wrote

Wallow in self pity and maybe some Netflix


jimmy9120 t1_j8ybdhn wrote

Dancing in the toxic rain


rachcake12 t1_j8yxbl1 wrote

Homemade pizza, wine and The Last of Us!


Yum_Kaax t1_j8y5atp wrote

I'm going to spend all night vaping to get my mind off of the toxic fumes from Ohio.


jacksparrahh OP t1_j8y5qhq wrote

Toxic fumes from vape > toxic fumes from train crash


Yum_Kaax t1_j8y64vq wrote

But what about the spots on my car? Surely that's cancer, right?


jacksparrahh OP t1_j8y75kq wrote

At this point- it’s all cancer. Vape away


Yum_Kaax t1_j8y7hep wrote

Has anyone tried to vape the car residue yet? We could be missing out on something great.


Holtstrom t1_j8yf0ru wrote

Drop my kids at their dad’s house and watch Netflix with the dogs. Prep for another foster pup coming tomorrow.


sanityissecondary t1_j8yj8an wrote

Just chilling after a brutal week. Some Netflix. Some Uber eats. Maybe some gaming later.


Sunnyteapot080 t1_j8z1n0b wrote

Giving my pets the long awaited, undivided attention they’ve been seeking and also deserve. Wine. Hopefully dive back into Terry Pratchett’s “Guards! Guards!” May make pizza because now I want some. Edibles if all else fails? Signing off now as I’ve just reminded myself I have better things to do. Hope you all get what you need and enjoy the evening.


DeskFan203 t1_j8y76y3 wrote

Sitting on my butt so help me god


Eyeseeno t1_j8yc2te wrote

Debating going to a concert in New Haven… or maybe just relaxing at home


alisa62 t1_j8yhr1x wrote

Using a holiday gift certificate at Grano in Chester for our anniversary…


brain-gardener t1_j8yt36g wrote

Drinking brandy. Smoking loud. Making home-made pizza. I ain't Pepe, but reckon I could be. All to enjoy Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship's KnuckleMania 3. Title fight man. Sigala is fighting too. That lady could knock me out with a mean look. What an animal. I'm fucking HYPE. LFG!!! Where's winter man?


Tiny-Permission-3069 t1_j8z3ljh wrote

Just splurged on Chili’s for the family. Now sitting, smoking some dabs, and watching last night’s episode of Critical Role. Preparing for a weekend of playing Pathfinder 2 (D&D alternative) and setting up my new fish tank.


ToLorien t1_j8z643p wrote

Oooo what size tank and what do you plan on putting in it?


Tiny-Permission-3069 t1_j8zhah5 wrote

River style scape with lots of plants, black sand, and river rocks. Stocking with turquoise and Bosmani rainbowfish, Yoyo loaches and some Cory catfish. Considering a small sorority of 3-5 female bettas.


as1126 t1_j8yrzgo wrote

Rangers and bourbon.


ctusa73 t1_j8yk6by wrote

Going up to art theater and well.. definitely bringing a towel in case I get a little too much moisture


rainondust t1_j8ywwu1 wrote

Cooking shrimp pasta and hanging with my fam at home by the fire.


raynethackery t1_j8z0fnm wrote

I just had Chinese food. Will have a glass of wine while I watch "Midsomer Murders" and "Lewis" on CPTV.


OrePhan t1_j8yyv8c wrote

Dinner w the kids, some air hockey and tv. Perhaps a beer or three.


VersaceRobe94 t1_j8z9szi wrote

Hogwarts legacy once the baby goes to sleep lol


danny_deefs t1_j8zm8kw wrote

I'm a solo white dude at a Marc Anthony concert at mohegan. Gonna be a fuckin sweet night even if I stick out like a sore thumb and people stare 😅😂


buried_lede t1_j8ymmig wrote

I’m about to get off Reddit to escape trolls for a nice evening catching up on office work because I wasted time on Reddit


kimwim43 t1_j8yn5cl wrote

We're watching Pluto tv, mst3k channel, hubby is making a ribeye, baked potato, and kale. I've got lemon cookies for dessert. Very low key.

"Get out of here, you disgusting wooooooorrrrrm!"


twsddangll t1_j8z1nnf wrote

Soaking in a hot tub and reading Wolf Hall and maybe having a drink.


MyHeadbeDirty t1_j8zb5jb wrote

I’m going to stare into a corner and sob.


bunkerbash t1_j8zsyxs wrote

Just sending you a hug. I hope the sobbing helps release some of what has you down.


CapK473 t1_j8zbxln wrote

Recovering from norovirus. So I'm laying on my couch with 3 cats watching Scream on Netflix. It would be more fun without the norovirus though


BRNDC10 t1_j8zy5u5 wrote

Norovirus is no joke. I thought I was going to die the one time I had it. Get well soon.


CapK473 t1_j90x5ed wrote

I thought the same, thanks friend


IrishWithoutPotatoes t1_j8zjnrm wrote

Being about 80% moved in with my gf and our kittens, drinking an Old Fashioned and watching the Following while the wee beasties snuggle my gf. Life ain’t bad, and that’s something I don’t ever say.


bunkerbash t1_j8zsmu3 wrote

I painted for about 12hrs straight and now I’m hitting the hay so I can wake up and paint some more. Yay painting!!!


Speed_Force t1_j8ycakq wrote

Got some spicy Italian sausage, and drinks on deck. Wish I had more to smoke :/


With_The_Tide t1_j8ytgim wrote

Duckpin bowling


raynethackery t1_j8z06xu wrote

Oh! Where is there duck-pin bowling? All the places I knew closed, or are 10 pin.


Mryank9 t1_j8zciln wrote

Johnson's Lanes in Hamden, Highland Bowl in Cheshire, Woodlawn in West Haven, Ducks on the Ave is the one in Hartford, definitely a few more I'm missing, but you're right a lot have closed over the years sadly!


With_The_Tide t1_j8z16ir wrote

My friend says there’s one still in Hartford. I will report back if it’s still open


PotentialNo3801 t1_j8z5d15 wrote

It's one of my best friend's birthdays today so after work I'm going to surprise her at home with a little gift.


Ancratyne t1_j8zaqc0 wrote

Watching the celebrity all star game. Maybe play Valheim later.


Dunkinjay1 t1_j8zcyr2 wrote

In the garage doing some maintenance on my truck


No_Shock4437 t1_j8ze2ia wrote

Having a couple drinks and going to bed early


fishinginparis t1_j8zgu0a wrote

might cry a little, hangout with my cat, we’ll see how it pans out


Extreme-Cupcake5929 t1_j8yp1ci wrote

Thank you for posting this ! It’s been crazy in this sub today 🤦🏻‍♀️


Ok-Cat-8959 t1_j8ysshf wrote

Chili for dinner, wine, and watching Dead To Me


Homer4747 t1_j8yxyzp wrote

New season of carnival row on prime.


jules13131382 t1_j8z2qlp wrote

I need to get my butt down to the kitchen and make vegetable soup


Malkimania t1_j8z7bgh wrote

Smoking a j and chilling


KatieAdams2020 t1_j8zjhjc wrote

I'm homeless so freezing outside as usual.... nothing much.


Extreme-Cupcake5929 t1_j90q9h7 wrote



KatieAdams2020 t1_j910nqa wrote

Yeah heartbreaking and have Chronic illness too


awkwardoffspring t1_j8zl2li wrote

Fuck all. I've been on reddit in couchlock for like 2 hours. I guess I'll get up now


ShrubberyDragon t1_j8zmpd3 wrote

Dinner at Texas Roadhouse and watching the new ant man at the theater :) then maybe some Mario party


ff587 t1_j8zsugf wrote

Same thing I do every night. Nothing. Had kids youngish, and dedicated most of my time to them, now I have no friends, but it was worth it.


lilmissroo t1_j8zybm6 wrote

Annoying my cat and getting lost in this reddit sauce


XRPcook t1_j8zykxh wrote

Midnight cruise to white castle


SixToesLeftFoot t1_j93gjof wrote

Where the hell is the nearest White Castle? Assuming your like, on the SE corner, right next to NYC?


XRPcook t1_j93h190 wrote

Bruckner blvd and I'm on the rhode island side lol


SixToesLeftFoot t1_j93hhnd wrote

Ha. Assuming it’s the Bruckner Blvd in the Bronx, that’s gotta be like, 2 1/2 hours from the SE corner. Man, that’s dedication.


XRPcook t1_j93hned wrote

It's about 2hrs depending on traffic, a little less depending on speed


hasek3139 t1_j8zod6h wrote

Quinnipiac hockey game, then league of legends


greaterprat t1_j8zqikx wrote

Knitting with a beer and a book, two large sleeping dogs, kids in bed, and husband in the other chair. Fire going, listening to the wind…It’s pretty nice.


ParsnipPizza2 t1_j9004zg wrote

Bit of vodka, some inauthentic but pretty good Tex-Mex, and watching Daria.


FFPatrick t1_j900e5d wrote

Watched the Wolfpack lose to the soundtigers


4Impossible_Guess4 t1_j901612 wrote

Watching my dog FSU on camera while at work until midnight... No good


Extreme-Cupcake5929 t1_j90qcft wrote

Oh man 🤦🏻‍♀️


4Impossible_Guess4 t1_j9146wr wrote

1940s new England pocket bird book (most upset), fan/light remote & the insole for my boot- this is what I was most worried about as it was a million orange pieces and I couldn't tell what it was on cam. Stupid rain didn't allow for her getting her regular exercise I suspect, HuskyX ... oh well 🐶


TrafficAble1854 t1_j903l5l wrote

Went to see ant man and the wasp quantumania with gf and her friend.


parker9832 t1_j91347e wrote

Take out burgers and Netflix


apsalarya t1_j91jt8z wrote

I’m sick with a cold. AGAIN. I just had one 4 weeks ago


Joansz t1_j92bo2r wrote

I spent it binging on The Orville on Disney+


Pancrat t1_j92x9kr wrote

Ate a magic mushroom bar and talked with my friend, played video games and made shrimp risotto after


justadudenameddave t1_j92xorl wrote

There is only one acceptable Reddit answer, OP’s mom


sadhu_stra3 t1_j935xx6 wrote

Walking the neighborhood then sitting by the water to watch the sun go down


saddamwh0sane t1_j93ju21 wrote

Drinking some coronas and making taco stuffed shells for my wife and I !!! 😘 hope everyone is well


Marteen619 t1_j8zk985 wrote

Hangin with the fellas when they’re out of work. (We all work together) Been out due to a surgery so they finna come over Drink some Brews, Some Bud, and some hip hop music videos lol


TheDiabeticSenpai t1_j90vrqj wrote

I usually deliver for DoorDash Thursday - Monday. My “weekend” is Tuesday Wednesday. I’m still on the job hunt after graduating. I’ve had a few interviews and a couple of offers, but nothing satisfactory. I have a few more coming up this week though.


CTdadof5 t1_j91drje wrote

Drank a heady topper with the wife and some friends we haven’t seen in 6 months


namerx7 t1_j927qbn wrote

Last three


gamerongames t1_j8zwh6t wrote

Siphoning gas off of cars and taking the converter like your average CT resident