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CTRealtorCarl t1_j9kfgg3 wrote

I'm a sucker for the Naugatuck State forest overlook of Route 8 in Beacon Falls, especially with fall foliage. Could just because its local for me.

So many great spots though, excited to see other comments and go check them out!


rose-buds t1_j9loes9 wrote

i love that spot! the hike up along the falls is beautiful.


CTRealtorCarl t1_j9lpshq wrote

Amazing, under appreciated state forest. Lucky to have it in my backyard.


tresrosas t1_j9kegv7 wrote

Rand’s view from Appalachian Trail is nice. Bonus is you start by great falls.


Yum_Kaax t1_j9kaq7u wrote

Top of East Rock, overlooking New Haven.


62SlabSide t1_j9nbg8b wrote

Oh man… we used to go smoke a bone up there every day during study hall. Great spot.


FantasticPear t1_j9kql9h wrote

Hopkins Vineyard overlooking Lake Waramaug.


Form684 t1_j9kn03k wrote

Thimble islands in between Pot & High Island


whateverusayboi t1_j9kgacc wrote

Probably canoeing the Farmington, section by Riverton where the gradient is relatively steep, as are the surrounding hills. Top 150 spots anyways. Biking, hiking, canoeing and sailing here for 50 years, the list is long.


Last-Instruction739 t1_j9ku83d wrote

Salmon River Cove in the kayak nice and early in the morning.


bladerunner_203 t1_j9l9oyg wrote

Cornwall bridge or route 109 in Washington along bee brook rd.


rose-buds t1_j9loi9u wrote

harkness state park, macricostas preserve, macedonia brook state park, pine knob, old furnace state park - there are so many!


goddamn_slutmuffin t1_j9m1dei wrote

Hubbard Park, but go up the road in the back like you’re heading to Castle Craig. You’ll eventually come to another road intersecting off to the right on your way up. Take that road on the right up to the parking lot at the end (close to what I think are cell towers maybe?). There’s a trail there leading off of that parking lot that leads to these open cliffs where you can chill and look down over Meriden and huge parts of the valley. Lovely. Watched the eclipse from there.

[This road is closed for about half the year, though.]


tempertempest t1_j9m46ix wrote

The view over the Farmington River from the top of people's state forest.


HealthyDirection659 t1_j9n9rhd wrote

RT 169 and

Some streets in Glastonbury such as Bell Town Rd that have great views of Hartford.


SteveFromFlorida t1_j9kepcn wrote

Reservoir #6 in WH…. East side of the reservoir near the benches, looking out at Talcott Mtn and the Heublein Tower… especially in Fall.


Familiar-Run9793 t1_j9l3nf4 wrote

King Philips Cave at Talcott Mountain State Park, which is incredibly historical as well. Google it!! The view from the big cave is spectacular, can see for miles into the Farmington Valley. Would advise only capable climbers to attempt. The small cave is nice too and easy to access, just before the big cave


u16173 t1_j9mflcf wrote

I climbed into the cave. Very bad decision. Climbing up was easy. Climbing down I thought I was going to plummet to my death.


Turokan t1_j9lqe12 wrote

Hubbard park ranger station is beautiful and an amazing hike


AfterMoonSet t1_j9lrtab wrote

The waterfall at Solair nudist campground in Woodstock, CT


Saint_Chrispy1 t1_j9lxf05 wrote

Roaring Brook falls in cheshire if you stay to the right and go up the hill with the power lines you can see Wallingford meridan and a bit further.


NoHopeOnlyDeath t1_j9m7nsc wrote

Top of Sleeping Giant's head in Hamden. Not the tower specifically, but the red (?) trail that leads up the rocks to the little clearing up there.


Mentalskllnss t1_j9m3ij4 wrote

I call it pinnacle hike, I’m not sure if there is another name! It’s in new Milford/new Preston and overlooks lake waramaug at the summit. My favorite spot!


Limp_Stress4254 t1_j9npfsx wrote

Quarry Park, Rocky Hill. It’s crazy there, it’s like entering a whole new biome every 500 feet you walk


spellbofa8890 t1_j9ojynm wrote

Hidden valley preserve following the shepaug river in Washington


StepVanity t1_j9p2lcc wrote

Lantern Hill is okay, but too much development to the west.

Bluff Point is also worth the hike, similarly St. Mary's By The Sea in Bridgeport (no hike required here).


Mekhitar t1_j9p3lnq wrote

The Rails to Trails by Bolton Notch, especially the part that's set down into the earth with a rock wall and trees on either side. Beautiful in every season, but especially the green leafy enclave in the spring, or in the fall when the leaves turn. I had my wedding photos taken there, after rain when the rocks were weeping water.


curbthemeplays t1_j9s6t07 wrote

There’s a lot. Audubon Center and Anchor Beach in Milford. East Rock. Stony Creek overlooking Thimble Islands. Gillette Castle. Could go on.


MrZardoz t1_j9l35ow wrote

the part that won't be under water in a few years, and the other part that isn't to be hit with nuclear weapons...