Submitted by CTInsideInvestigator t3_1180zxf in Connecticut

In Connecticut, around 61% of the state’s population lives in an area threatened by coastal flooding. Projections provided by the Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection (DEEP) show that the state is at risk of losing up to 24,000 acres of land to rising sea levels in the next 50 years. As towns and cities look to the future, there is a deep history and an increasing sense of urgency to act.



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PlayerOneDad t1_j9evbbc wrote

After I saw a house float away from Reef Road in Fairfield after Irene, I'd never buy property within 5 miles of the coast.


mkt853 t1_j9f412y wrote

You don't need to go that far inland. Just stay north of the Post Rd. The shoreline has enough elevation to slow down flood waters.


PlayerOneDad t1_j9fu6qo wrote

In the past. As the water rises, that will change. And it isn't just about water in the house. Services and utilities go down in those communities the higher the water comes up.


1234nameuser t1_j9ezrd6 wrote

I wouldn't worry, taxpayers subsidize it all with NFIP


Bathroomtrader t1_j9f5lk7 wrote

Would like to see the referred to models..


Ftheyankeei t1_j9gkbm6 wrote

How much of this bullshit is directly attributable to the Kochs and other funding sources for the Yankee Institute, which operates the Inside Investigator, fighting investment in climate change mitigation?
Fuck off, by the way.


realbusabusa t1_j9g0jm4 wrote

This is a slowly unfolding catastrophe. It will have a large impact in CT. Think about the property tax base alone and the impact of that being washed away.


MyGodItsFullOfClowns t1_j9g0sml wrote

Why is a right-wing shitrag warning us about rising sea levels?