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Major_Batty t1_j9yyweu wrote

To apply for a pistol permit:

  1. Take the NRA Basic Pistol Course
  2. Go to your local Police Department and request an application. They'll give you the application packet, and set a time for fingerprints. The PD may also interview you, though this varies by town.
  3. Submit your completed application, fingerprints, NRA certificate, and checks/money order to your local PD.
  4. Wait. A lot.
  5. If approved, the town PD will mail you a "Temporary Permit", which is good for only one thing...
  6. Take your Temporary Permit to the State Troopers/DESPP, and they will give you a (state) Pistol Permit.

I'll also second the mention of r/CTguns.


Remarkable_Option660 OP t1_j9z09uw wrote

Thank you very much, very informative


woodstove7 t1_j9z1xlx wrote

The above here is basically true but #4 can really depend on the town. I’ve heard of people waiting months and months. I waited 4 weeks to the day before the PD emailed me.


DeskFan203 t1_j9z6w10 wrote

Some towns have weird extra requirements, like letters from neighbors (or at least they used to). was talking to a guy who lives in Guilford: when he got his years and years ago (he's in his late 60s now), he had to talk to his neighbors. Ugh. Nope. I don't want anyone to know my business about anything.


Major_Batty t1_j9zpa1e wrote

Former Guilford resident here. GPD doesn’t do this anymore…or at least they didn’t talk to any of my neighbors when I got my permit back in 2016.


DeskFan203 t1_j9zv35y wrote

Thanks for the updated info! I learned this way back in 2008 and this guy had had his for ages before that.


WhittlingDan t1_ja0w2hm wrote

Isn't that perhaps dangerous? Your telling people your house is currently unarmed bit that in the future it would be a great place to steel a gun from and as neighbors it would be easy to learn your schedule. They also wouldn't look out of place in the general area around your house/property.


marshal1257 t1_ja1ta2u wrote

Pro Tip: Yes, some towns have these additional requirements. However, they cannot deny you for not providing these items. They don’t tell you that, but failing to provide letters of reference is not a reason to disqualify an applicant under CT law.


Likeapuma24 t1_j9zdh82 wrote

The town I reside in took 5 weeks (a few years ago now). The town I work in tells people 3-5 months.

I think by state law, it's supposed to take no more than 8 weeks? But towns don't seem to give a crap.


AtomWorker t1_ja3bwaf wrote

I don't know currently, but as of 10 years ago Bridgeport was a 90 day wait. State law requires a response within 30 days, so they'd play games to drag out the process. The first set of fingerprints, which they take themselves, are automatically rejected. As a result, people recommend taking digital prints up at state police headquarters. Not that it helps much because that city will still find ways to drag out the process.


Caresmi1 t1_ja0avfa wrote

Can the NRA course be taken online or does it have to be in person?


Kodiak01 t1_ja60jdx wrote

The easiest way by far to get a permit is to be living out of State when you apply. It is a much simpler process to get a non-resident permit; once you move into the State, you can convert it into a resident.


havocspartan t1_j9yw0o9 wrote

Once you have taken the class and have been given the certificate; you need to go to your local Police Department for fingerprinting, paperwork and background check. They will have a booklet on pistol permits outside the window to speak to an office and set days for fingerprinting. Once all that is paid for and done (8 weeks), you go to State Police Department and get it made into a permit.


captainXdaithi t1_j9yxzl6 wrote

In CT you have to take the NRA certification. Get that cert, have it!

Once you have that, you go to your town's main PD or town clerk, depends on how small your town is. You ask them where to apply. You go to that clerk/desk, you get the forms. You fill them out, provide the docs they require (including stuff like your ID, proof of residence, your fingerprint cards, and that NRA cert showing you completed the class and stuff) You also pay them.

Then, your town has to process your permit application. They'll run background check, log your fingerprints into whatever databases, etc (you'll do this before your application so you include the fingerprints with your app)

Some towns are fantastic and process quickly, some town clerks are major fuckos and purposely try to avoid doing this and delay your app. So you have to stay on top of them.

Once your town finishes your application and you pass your background checks and are approved, your town issues you a "temporary permit". This is *NOT* a pistol permit. This is just a step towards it. Now you have a set amount of days (check for current amount of time, it changed in COVID, I think it's 90 days? maybe less? Don't quote me, do your own research) to take that town's temporary permit to the State Police HQ or one of the satellite offices. HQ is probably the best bet, worked for me. You go there (idk if they do appointments only or walk-ins, call them for that answer) with your docs, and of course that temporary permit. They take your photo, process your information, and complete your permit. You leave with the printed permit in hand.

Once permitted, follow the law. Permits are good for 5 years, and you have to process a new one, similar to getting your Driver's License updated. During those updates, I believe they check your background again, so you better not be naughty.

You pay for NRA safety-course and cert. You pay for fingerprinting. You pay with the town app, you pay with the State PD final application and for your permit. Expect to toss a couple hundred all in.

Oh, also. If you fuck up *ANY* of the forms, they can use that to deny you and there is a probationary period to re-apply. So don't be an idiot. Fill out the forms accurately and follow the instruction of the clerk or the forms themselves. Or you'll be waiting like a year or multiple before applying again. And don't miss that temporary-to-permanent timing deadline, that also automatically disqualifies you. The system is made obtuse and expensive on purpose because this state wants to discourage people exercising that right.


Remarkable_Option660 OP t1_j9z003b wrote

Thank you very much, and also, so i only have the class done. I can start the process after that whenever I like right? I'm Abit short on cash ATM and would prefer to do it next month. That's okay right?


captainXdaithi t1_j9z7pk1 wrote

That should be fine. I don't think that NRA cert goes bad... certainly not within a month or two.

If you do it within the year I'm sure that's perfectly fine. Probably beyond too but I've never heard of someone doing the class and then not applying for that long so I don't really know


RoundPlum t1_ja5y4vo wrote

It took me almost 3 years after I took the class to get my permit so you should be okay I don't think there's a timeline between taking the class and getting your permit.


TreeEleben t1_j9z459l wrote

The requirements to apply vary by town because towns add in random requirements to deter applicants even though they're not allowed to. Go to your local PD and get an application, then you'll know what's next. Be patient, law says the application must be approved/denied within 8 weeks, but many towns take much longer, but some process them quite fast.

Study CT gun laws very thoroughly. They are numerous, confusing, and illogical, and it's very easy to accidentally violate one and lose your license and guns forever. Don't ever bring a gun into NY or mass.


DeskFan203 t1_j9z7bid wrote

Oh and if you move in the state!!!

You have to notify the registry within 48 hours (could be 72). NO JOKE.

Otherwise you lose your license and have to do it ALL again.

We were literally on the phone at 9:05 the day after we moved into a new house.


whateverusayboi t1_j9zedno wrote

Florida...have a copy of your NRA pistol training


AtomWorker t1_ja3ame1 wrote

Now that you've taken your class, you need to visit your local police station. They'll guide you through next steps. The process is supposed to be identical across the entire state, but some towns and cities will make you jump through hoops and drag their feet on approvals.

It's not uncommon to have the first set of fingerprints rejected out of hand. Or for you to show up with completed paperwork and be told you're missing some heretofore unmentioned document. I'm convinced the intent is to discourage, so don't give up.

I haven't checked in ages, but there CT gun forums where people keep a list of average wait times by town. Some people also detail their experiences which can be helpful in letting you know what to expect.


Remarkable_Option660 OP t1_ja3c0y2 wrote

Thank you very much. But is there an expiration on the certificate? I would prefer to do this a few months down the line


AtomWorker t1_ja59nxs wrote

I don't know what the time limit is on that. I assume you have some time, but I'd call to confirm.