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gyokuro OP t1_j9030vy wrote

This is out-of-state corporate operator Acreage Holdings


myacacct2 t1_j90z1xx wrote

Good, I’m a stockholder


im_intj t1_j9112cw wrote

People downvoting bc evil capitalism 🤣


gyokuro OP t1_j91atb2 wrote

No, people downvoting because of what 4 MSOs did to cannabis in our state.


Prestigious-Tie2049 t1_j92h8zt wrote

> Zavaleta said he’s been surprised by negative reactions to the move — he expected it to be met with positive reactions because of the Aspergillus testing, which he believes makes the product safer, he said.

> He and Marriott said the new standards protect patient safety.

> “We kept the (1 million per gram) where other states didn't put a cap on the total use for yeast and mold,” Marriott said. “They’ve actually removed the caps on total yeast and mold. So we felt like this was a reasonable change to still protect our patients and provide good product for our patients.”

Seems better than other states to me then.

Though you always do seem to critically misunderstand the articles that you post


gyokuro OP t1_j93252i wrote

Yeah, allowing 10 times more yeast and mold than Massachusetts seems way better.


Prestigious-Tie2049 t1_j932k3i wrote

And it all gets killed off when you smoke it anyway, so there’s no health risk in it whatsoever.


gyokuro OP t1_j9331v6 wrote

Ever talk to an immunocompromised patient, or one with mold allergies? I'll wait.


Prestigious-Tie2049 t1_j933970 wrote

Yeah actually my wife has an immune disease, and is a medical patient.


gyokuro OP t1_j933mmq wrote

Then I hope she knows that even after remediation, dead mold spores remain intact on flower and under the right environmental conditions, new colonies can even form.