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Jets237 t1_j9b74h2 wrote

NO its a big thing in MA.

My theory (Growing up in NY vs going to college in Boston).

In NY the majority of diners are Greek owned. Greek immigrants who wanted to open a restaurant defaulted to diners while Italian immigrants went the Pizza route.

In Boston that diner culture just doesn't exist, so all the Greek immigrants defaulted to opening pizza places.

Not sure in CT as much. The pizza places we tend to frequent in stamford aren't greek owned but there are plenty


Impreza4ever t1_j9c37s6 wrote

There’s a lot of greek owned diners in CT as well.


SherrickM t1_j9c8hh5 wrote

Yup. The Athenian group for one, obviously. Cromwell Diner was as well at one point.


Impreza4ever t1_j9c8tr6 wrote

I was thinking about the Athenians specifically but also Colony Diner. I think most diners, at least in CT are Greek owned tbh. Maybe even outside of CT but I can’t really speak on that, I don’t usually eat at diners if I travel out of state.