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silasmoeckel t1_j9u5rrc wrote

3c a round is going to hurt some good places.

Local scout camp thats an additional 3 bucks or so every round on the firing range. A 22LR is about 7c a round now so this is nearly a 50% tax for the people trying to teach responsible gun safety and use.


Laurajw12 OP t1_j9u6s98 wrote

Great point. Thanks for bringing that up.


GlamorousBunchberry t1_j9v88vd wrote

7c a round makes me want to yell at a cloud. I remember when a 500 box of Remington was $10 at Walmart. It was right before some dingleberry whipped out his pecker and announced on TV that "you're either with us, or you're with the terrorists."


word_swashbuckler t1_j9vco27 wrote

Ooof, I wish I had enough time to chat about how the thinking is so backwards with gun safety/use training/education—but that would probably take the rest of my life. It’s so frustrating when the response to any gun-involved tragedy is seemingly devised by folks unfamiliar with guns as a hobby, and they’re unwittingly making it harder for the safest, most trained if not well-trained folks to engage with guns safely.

FWIW, I’ve begun shooting with family a couple times a month. Hadn’t fired a weapon in about twenty years until going to a gun range a few weeks ago with my father, and I’m really interested in obtaining my permit and such. Wish folks were more open minded about gun owners and ownership in general.


gwy2ct t1_j9y0t8e wrote

Not trolling you but what measures would you suggest to curb mass shootings? I’ve never fired a gun and have zero interest to. But obviously these whackos who do these mass shootings are able to obtain and use guns way too easily.


silasmoeckel t1_j9ymcjy wrote

Your base premiss is that the tool is the issue not the person. We have had to tool for a lot longer than the problem. It was pretty easy to find dynamite as a kid every farmer had a shack full way out on the back 40. But for the most part nothing bad happened related to this. Guns were far more available and commonly used, we grew up knowing what it was to take and animals life to feed ourselves. Learning to kill something gives you an appreciation of the act that I dont think people have anymore.

So you need to attack the issue from a different direction. For government thats harder as often thats looking as why systemic supports are not in place.


mrjharder11 t1_j9uy8m0 wrote

30% increases in cost. $30 per 1000 rounds.

Is it that much more per shooter? I mean, I'm not wild about it but takes me a while to squeeze off 1000 rounds. If its its going to education about firearm safety then isn't it a good application of tax dollars? I think there's a lot of data that shows that spending on prevention pays back a lot in outcomes. Like the Head Start program for preschool - every dollar spent pays off like 9 or 10 bucks down the road in dollars saved. It literally keeps teens and adults out of the welfare and criminal justice system. I'm for the same approach if that's the intent here for preventing gun deaths.


silasmoeckel t1_j9vgpw2 wrote

> 7c a round is allready crazy for a 22LR.

Were talking about a program thats already teaching firearms safety to more kids in the US that any other program by far. Ammo is the biggest cost to run the program. So yea a 30-50% increase in real costs is huge.


jredline7 t1_j9wjnuq wrote

The tax dollars would be used for public firearm safety training which should allow us to drop the need for pistol permits.

I still believe taxation is theft but I applaud the good intentions


TreeEleben t1_j9wm3xb wrote

Permits will never go away. They're used to deter gun ownership. Currently, the 2nd amendment only applies to those who hold a valid license, the state won't give up that power over the citizens.


mrjharder11 t1_j9yaet5 wrote

Are drivers licenses made to deter car ownership? Is the bar exam meant to deter people from becoming lawyers? You want hacks cutting your hair and applying pesticides to your residence? You do realize there are people who try to do these things without training or a license that wind up literally ruining lives, right?

I agree, they put up a barrier to access but isn't that the point? So some yahoo doesn't become the next deadly yahoo?

Still curious why the 2nd Amendment is so sacred while we allow power to assail the 1st, 4th and 5th until we have zero freedom and security.


mrjharder11 t1_j9y9pmk wrote

I forgot what I was replying to lol. Ok then make your own ammo. Problem solved.


GlamorousBunchberry t1_j9v8hyt wrote

It's true enough that you're already blowing so much money on ammo that the folks who are still willing to do it at all won't be deterred too much by the tax.