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Whiskey_Fiasco t1_j9u7ybk wrote

It doesn’t. It just makes you far less capable of killing many people in a short period of time, through malice or negligence. An unarmed criminal is far less of a threat to those around them than an irresponsible gun owner.

Guns are a weapon. They serve only one purpose.


BackhandStrongAF t1_j9u9lw9 wrote

there plenty of people that are just as capable of killing people without a gun. anyway, back to the taxes. regular sales tax is applied to guns and ammo aswell as another 11%. if this isn’t enough to fund these programs, maybe ask yourself where this 17% markup is going in the first place. surely 17% of taxes paid on guns and ammo in ct should be boatloads of money already. wheres this money at?


Whiskey_Fiasco t1_j9ucqjl wrote

It’s not that much money. It’s like 7 million dollars annually across the state. How much money do you think a single gun trafficking or shooting investigation costs?


BackhandStrongAF t1_j9ud552 wrote

you guys are all over the place lol. we aren’t talking of funding investigations. we’re talking of funding gun violence programs. 7 milli should be plenty!😄


Whiskey_Fiasco t1_j9udh67 wrote

You think 7 million is a lot of money on a state level to serve the needs of 3.5 million people?


BackhandStrongAF t1_j9uduis wrote

7 MILLION dollars should be enough to host some events and teach a bunch of classes across the state a couple times a year actually, yes. just stop while you’re ahead buddy.😂


Whiskey_Fiasco t1_j9ue6vj wrote

And if the only thing we want is a performance to pretend we are doing something that’s probably just fine.