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BackhandStrongAF t1_j9u8ezw wrote

“taxes aren’t punishments” and then you follow up with “why should the general taxpayer be punished with additional taxes..” doesn’t make sense. so gun owners shouldn’t look at this as a punishment but the general tax payer should? as i said in a previous comment, use the extraordinary taxes they ALREADY accumulate from guns and ammunition and use that for the programs.


Whiskey_Fiasco t1_j9ueia3 wrote

It’s a responsibility, and those who are responsible for the problem should be responsible for the solution. That’s a principle gun owners tend to agree with until they personally can be held responsible.


BackhandStrongAF t1_j9uepdb wrote

im done entertaining this clown in particular at this point he seems to be broken.


Whiskey_Fiasco t1_j9uezxe wrote

I know you understand what I said, so your refusal to respond means you don’t have a way to actually defend your position.


BackhandStrongAF t1_j9ufg54 wrote

um no actually. you’re being incoherent and don’t seem understand that law abiding gun owners are not responsible for those that misuse their guns. just like you, a lawful purchaser of alcohol aren’t responsible for those that kill entire families in car accidents while under the influence. i hope i was able to dumb this down enough for you man. im truly sorry youre like this💀


Whiskey_Fiasco t1_j9uju43 wrote

Law abiding gun owners are responsible for every person injured or killed with their gun, even when the owner wasn’t the one operating the gun. The gun community should be responsible for the costs associated with deterring, investigating, prosecuting and compensating those harmed by gun violence. Why shouldn’t the firearm community bear the burden instead of the general population?

And btw: CT drinkers already pay an excise tax to the state because they drink.


BackhandStrongAF t1_j9ul46x wrote

youre simply going in circles at this point lol.

and btw: ct gun owners already pay an excise in tax to the state because they bought the guns.

get over the fact that your logic simply does not make sense nor do u have any backbone to any of your misconceptions. hope u have a better day than this homie.


Whiskey_Fiasco t1_j9ulyfh wrote

Simply saying “your logic makes no sense,” is a denial, not an argument.

When you buy a car you pay a tax on your car. When you buy gasoline you pay a tax on that gasoline.

Similarly there is no conflict between paying taxes on your initial purchase of your firearm and paying taxes on the purchase of ammo


BackhandStrongAF t1_j9um8k1 wrote

theres no denial here. you’ve seemed to have forgotten about the already 17% tax on guns and ammo. you’re speaking as though its not taxed at all. its got sales tax plus an additional 11%. it enough taxes. trust me.