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Whiskey_Fiasco t1_j9ub48z wrote

Are you telling me you think the criminal element is making their own bullets in their garage?


Just_Jer t1_j9ubmu6 wrote

I'm thinking they're obtaining them using other means than legal. I have to present my permit to buy ammunition in CT.


Whiskey_Fiasco t1_j9ucul2 wrote

When criminals obtain ammo through illegal means, it means they illegally bought the ammunition from someone who bought it legally. No one is making their own bullets


Just_Jer t1_j9udtfs wrote

I mean that isn't true, either. People DO reload their own ammunition.


Whiskey_Fiasco t1_j9ue33g wrote

Sure, in the same way that people do really build their own homes from logs they felled themselves, but let’s not pretend like the criminal element is primarily building their own guns or making their own ammo. They are buying it from straw buyers and dishonest gun dealers.


Just_Jer t1_j9ueck3 wrote

If you say so, seems like a good way to lose your permit, FFL, and get a bonus prison stay


Whiskey_Fiasco t1_j9uekau wrote

That’s true of literally every crime, yet people still commit crime.


WellSeasonedUsername t1_j9umksh wrote

So you’re saying additional laws or taxes won’t stop this? Glad we’re clear on that.


Whiskey_Fiasco t1_j9unbc0 wrote

If we had no laws there would be no crime, but that’s a terrible argument in favor of anarchy.

Taxes help fund the governments efforts to reduce gun violence. If anyone should bear the costs for those programs it’s the gun owning community.


WellSeasonedUsername t1_j9uni31 wrote

Gonna need to see some data to back up the claim that “taxes help reduce gun violence” We pay a pretty hefty tax already and gun violence is still effecting the same people in the same areas.

poke around these comments on my other post people are getting sick of the lack of response from law enforcement. If they won’t enforce the current laws, law abiding citizens will inevitably take it into their own hands.

Law abiding citizens continue to be punished for the actions of some thugs. The evidence is in this tax bill.