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MyGodItsFullOfClowns t1_j9ubcx5 wrote

I've never seen police respond to someone bringing a book into a school.


BackhandStrongAF t1_j9ucmc2 wrote

what?😂 we’re talking of law abiding citizens forced to pay ADDITIONAL unlawful taxes on the guns they use responsibly to fund programs to prevent your little brother from walking into school shooting kids in the face. thats like adding taxes to alcohol because a minor got caught drinking at a party. so because he drank as a minor and broke the law we should pay additional taxes to fund a D.A.R.E program?

geez talking with connecticut far left dems is like trying to teach a brick wall to play basketball. some of you guys in here have no problem making yourselves sound brainless all on your own!😂


MyGodItsFullOfClowns t1_j9udozz wrote

> thats like adding taxes to alcohol because a minor got caught drinking at a party.

Uhhh, we already do that? There are taxes on alcohol above and beyond the 6.35% specifically to deal with harm alcohol causes.

geez talking with connecticut alt-reich cons is like trying to teach a incontinent golden retriever to play basketball.


BackhandStrongAF t1_j9ue3rk wrote

and uhhhhh theres already 17% guns and ammo tax. you’re goin in circles dude dont get dizzy now🤪


WedSpassky t1_j9uj0bx wrote

Tax guns/ammo more. They kill people and cause irreparable harm to countless innocent Americans every year.


WellSeasonedUsername t1_j9umazv wrote

Gangs do this but you’re not ready for that conversation


WedSpassky t1_j9umiz1 wrote

Really? Gangs shoot up schools? Japan has gangs - why aren’t there more shootings in Japan. Like I said - you’re a fucking nitwit. Go play with your guns dumbass - too stupid to do anything else.


WellSeasonedUsername t1_j9un2yw wrote

No but there’s more gang related violence than there are school shootings in this state.

Stick your head further up your ass so your head comes back out of your mouth. There’s more legal gun owners in the suburbs but hardly any crime. All the gang shootings are in the cities.


Viceversa10 t1_j9v8htk wrote

Ban abortions. They kill thousands of babies a year. Ban cars. They kill thousands of people a year. Ban breathing. It causes cancer and you die. Ban smoking cigarettes and weed. They cause cancer and kill you. Ban walking. You can fall and die. Ban knives forks and spoons they are weapons that can kill others.

Shall I keep going?