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404freedom14liberty t1_j9ud664 wrote

Agree 100%. Let’s get the EV drivers to pay their fair share.


Whiskey_Fiasco t1_j9udatx wrote

Sure. Not sure what point your trying to make here pivoting to EVs though.


404freedom14liberty t1_j9ufoq4 wrote

It’s an easy whataboutism. The fact is gun ownership is a complex issue. They provide recreation on skeet fields for the (generally speaking) affluent. They provide a tool for hunting for the ( generally speaking) working class.

In rural areas they provide a means of self-protection. I don’t have much use for ammunition but it seems like a particular demographic is targeted and made a scape goat.


Whiskey_Fiasco t1_j9uk0uc wrote

They didn’t propose arresting people for buying bullets. They proposed a modest tax on bullets. It’s hardly a scapegoat.


404freedom14liberty t1_j9ul8ph wrote

In fairness it’s a relentless chipping away of gun owner’s rights.


Whiskey_Fiasco t1_j9um3ns wrote

Why do you think that the second amendment exempts gun owners from tax liability?


404freedom14liberty t1_j9unfvx wrote

I don’t think that. Sorry if I implied that.

The issue is it seems that citizens have the right to possess firearms. At the very least they are a tool for rural nutmeggers.

Ammunition is already taxed above sales tax. This tax is being applied to a distinct demographic. We can assume this tax is part of a social program to depress gun ownership. As a stated it’s a relentless taking.