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WedSpassky t1_j9ujilp wrote

You’re a fucking idiot. Imagine living in the world we do with EVERYTHING at your finger tips. You can learn an instrument, learn to cook/paint/play video games/garden etc. to the infinite.

And you choose to own a fuck ton of guns because they go boom. You’re a moron. Get a real hobby that requires more than just pulling a trigger and (maybe) killing innocent people.


IrishWithoutPotatoes t1_j9uopxv wrote

Someone doesn’t understand how complex guns can actually be.


WedSpassky t1_j9uvf5m wrote

Wow nuclear weapons - so complex! Lets give everyone a warhead!


WedSpassky t1_j9uuxso wrote

So complex and beautiful - just look at the AR-15 and all the children it killed! Wow, what a fucking work of art!


IrishWithoutPotatoes t1_j9uvz37 wrote

Never said killing anyone was beautiful or a work of art. I said guns were complex, which they are. No need to be a twat.


Fun-Cockroach8339 t1_j9up9ef wrote

I enjoy them for different reasons. Some of them are mechanical works of art, others have historical value, and some are for protection. You should try shooting, it’s fun!


WedSpassky t1_j9uuqm9 wrote

Na I’m good got books to read and music to play, don’t need to spend my short time on this earth around weapons that blow children’s brains out ✌️


Fun-Cockroach8339 t1_j9uv752 wrote

I’m just finishing up Gulag by Anne Applebaum. Good read, highly recommend. It’s possible to have more than one hobby. 🤷‍♀️