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WellSeasonedUsername t1_j9um5l4 wrote

“Vote blue no matter who” - Statist bootlickers


GlamorousBunchberry t1_j9vcr11 wrote

You're opening a can of worms there.

For example, what deconverted me from being a gun nut myself was noticing that nobody actually supported 2A rights for black people: in effect they supported them for "everybody," by which they meant "law abiding" people, but whichever black person was in the news at the moment was somehow never "one of the good ones." I rubbed elbows with open-carry types who never spared a moment's thought for the fact that a black man open carrying was enormously likely to be shot on sight by police, and when that actually happened all these OC types would jump on the line that "he was no angel."

All that to say, it's perfectly rational to refuse to vote for the party that consistently supports policies with racist outcomes.

The catch is that the alternative is a party that's at best all talk and no action. Our current president is literally to the right of Ronald Reagan. So voting blue is a bit like screaming into a hurricane.