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Hey-buuuddy t1_j9v12j5 wrote

Lol. I like how upper-middle class suburban folks in zero crime areas have a lot of opinions on this, but lower-income urban residents who actually could benefit from armed self-defense are not even considered. This taxes their budgets the most. Taxes on Second Amendment rights helps no one.


TreeEleben t1_j9wmagn wrote

Taxes on a constitutional right are illegal. End of discussion.


stengbeng t1_j9ybop9 wrote

Oh shit can you tell us which well regulated militia you’re part of?


CalligrapherDizzy201 t1_j9ydkrs wrote

Nothing about ammunition in the constitution. Sorry. Also nothing against taxing constitutional rights.


Lcomotive t1_j9y2ymx wrote

Smart armed self defense looks like a shotgun in your home. Even carrying on your person for self defense doesn’t really require you to buy a bunch of rounds. The reality is once you start shooting you’ve most likely saved yourself whether you hit your target or not. Hobby shooting will hit the pocketbooks of people. I don’t have to buy shells for my home defense weapon weekly. Not that I agree with this tax either, though.


cocopalermo t1_j9yh9xn wrote

I think this is only going to affect the “Dont Tread on Me” crew. They’re the ones going to the range the most out of gun owners in this state.