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sgtpepper220 t1_j9w3joq wrote

It's a complicated issue that can't be solved by legislation alone.

My opinion on gun control and whiny fools on the internet are mutually exclusive. This is about gun nuts being easily triggered by mild taunting lol. There are plenty of people who are competent enough to own guns, but you don't seem like one of them based on the fact that you're talking about uprooting your life because you have to pay a few more cents for a bullet or drive somewhere else to get them.

Over dramatic, overgrown children owning guns is a huge problem, and people make it like a major part of your identity. These are deeply rooted mental health issues based on insecurity. But, big NRA likes to stroke your egos and make you feel ohhhh so smart when you parade your "truth" on the internet while you throw a hissy about a minor inconvenience.

Later loser


idontknowwhatever58 t1_j9w4zr4 wrote

Im not going to move because of an ammo tax lol. Never said that.

Nor is it a part of my identity. Its a hobby.

Im commenting my opinion on a forum about a stupid law that does fuck all to stop gun violence.


Spooky2000 t1_j9w75m0 wrote

It's a 12 year old account that is nothing more than douche trolling.. Ignore him.