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TreeEleben t1_j9wm3xb wrote

Permits will never go away. They're used to deter gun ownership. Currently, the 2nd amendment only applies to those who hold a valid license, the state won't give up that power over the citizens.


mrjharder11 t1_j9yaet5 wrote

Are drivers licenses made to deter car ownership? Is the bar exam meant to deter people from becoming lawyers? You want hacks cutting your hair and applying pesticides to your residence? You do realize there are people who try to do these things without training or a license that wind up literally ruining lives, right?

I agree, they put up a barrier to access but isn't that the point? So some yahoo doesn't become the next deadly yahoo?

Still curious why the 2nd Amendment is so sacred while we allow power to assail the 1st, 4th and 5th until we have zero freedom and security.