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gwy2ct t1_j9y0t8e wrote

Not trolling you but what measures would you suggest to curb mass shootings? I’ve never fired a gun and have zero interest to. But obviously these whackos who do these mass shootings are able to obtain and use guns way too easily.


silasmoeckel t1_j9ymcjy wrote

Your base premiss is that the tool is the issue not the person. We have had to tool for a lot longer than the problem. It was pretty easy to find dynamite as a kid every farmer had a shack full way out on the back 40. But for the most part nothing bad happened related to this. Guns were far more available and commonly used, we grew up knowing what it was to take and animals life to feed ourselves. Learning to kill something gives you an appreciation of the act that I dont think people have anymore.

So you need to attack the issue from a different direction. For government thats harder as often thats looking as why systemic supports are not in place.