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Fun-Cockroach8339 t1_j9yff3t wrote

If it’s so difficult to get things across the border, why do we have such a problem with drugs and illegal immigration? Why would you want to live in a society where only the government and criminals have guns? I’m a cop and I can tell you I’m not going door to door confiscating what were previously legal firearms.


ThePermafrost t1_j9z0du0 wrote

Wouldn’t it make your job as a cop safer knowing that it would be less likely a civilian would have access to a firearm during a routine traffic stop, domestic altercation, or any response call?

I’m not arguing that illegal items can pass over the border, but that’s not an argument to not ban something. Should we just give up fighting illegal immigration and fully open our borders because some people get through illegally?

Yet I imagine you had no problem confiscating marijuana when it was illegal? 🤔


Fun-Cockroach8339 t1_j9z4sn2 wrote

The overwhelming majority of legal gun owners are not people I’m afraid about. In the world you you’re suggesting, the illegal guns would still be out there. Nothing would have changed it that regard.

As for weed, I very rarely made strictly marijuana possession arrests. The right to marijuana also isn’t in the bill of rights. Weed was always an easy way to search a car looking for something else like illegal guns. Personally, I think most drugs should be legal, but that’s a different discussion.