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Garizondyly t1_j92qb1l wrote

Post this in /r/shittymoviedetails


YeetThermometer t1_j92nl2p wrote

Little-known fact: The green in the Whalers logo represents Shrek.


SixToesLeftFoot t1_j93f8vp wrote

I don’t get it. The whalers dissolved in 1997 and the first shrek was in 2001. How can the green logo represent Shrek? Or is it that the color of Shrek represents the Whalers logo?


brdoma1991 t1_j96dw8a wrote

Don’t know why you are getting downvoted. Whether this was witty sarcasm, or you’re just an idiot, it’s gold


hydrationdome t1_j93uh09 wrote

Puss in Boots isn't a cat at all but a genetic experiment that escaped from a Nazi lab on Plum Island. If you want to see the truth suppressed in real time tell that to your wife's lawyer at your child custody hearing. Whatever


DicmoVolant t1_j94d925 wrote

Swamp Yankees have layers


Bman3396 t1_j94id4x wrote

Does that mean alternate CT may have the Notch back?


Fit_Low592 t1_j945val wrote

Man what a great thing for us to be notable for.


whateverusayboi t1_j929blq wrote

If they specify the origin of the name,then yes: otherwise it's only the disease existing in Shrekville.


brdoma1991 t1_j96e97f wrote

Lymer here, you are all welcome for keeping CT relevant.


Old-Bedroom8464 t1_j9a6w33 wrote

Oh believe me, when those Russian/Chinese nukes fly in a few years one of the first targets is Groton. We are still very relevant.


4Impossible_Guess4 t1_j97ntf0 wrote

Anyone dealing with chronic lyme reading this care to shoot me a DM? Thx (:


Pruedrive t1_j93m4fm wrote

Or.. since the characters in the Shrek universe are speaking in English.. making it able for us the viewers to understand what they are talking about, it’s just the closest translation of a similar disease that they have in their world.

I’ll see myself out..