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merryone2K t1_j9tadx3 wrote

Just a word of warning; if you try to register a car that's been salvaged, the inspector is going to go over it with a fine tooth comb. They'll check EVERYTHING and I do mean EVERYTHING. I also believe that you have to have the vehicle towed in to the DMV to have it inspected. Better be sure it's worth that extra hassle. OTOH, a Miata was my dream car when I was in my 20s.


k24dj OP t1_j9tartq wrote

Yeah that’s why I’m trying to figure out if cars that don’t require title still have to go through the inspection of vin comes up at salvaged because I’m not dealing with that inspection haha


Significant_Squash87 t1_j9tau4l wrote

No, you cannot go and register a car that is salvage. The vehicle would need to have a salvage inspection first. Unless you have done one of these before, I advise to walk away from the vehicle. Your basically buying a paper weight until the whole process is complete. The car would have to be absolutely perfect to pass, including not having a drop of oil anywhere…


RededHaid t1_j9tcknx wrote

So making an agreement to purchase contingent on the car passing salvage inspection is the way to do this.


TurboGLH t1_j9tfg0t wrote

Could be, but if the seller was confident it would pass easily they would almost certainly get a far higher price running it through and selling it after.

The poster above isn't kidding, I've had the DMV reject a car for a leaky seal that had nothing to do with the damage or repair. It's a nightmare.


hymen_destroyer t1_j9tmjtj wrote

You would need a reissued VIN from the state which requires an inspection. This happened to me last year when I inherited a classic car and it was a massive pain in the ass.


gatogrande t1_j9udco3 wrote

Ive never heard of a "reissued" vin


hymen_destroyer t1_j9udjrl wrote

oops I meant to say "assigned" VIN. A reissued VIN would imply it came back from the original manufacturer


djdeforte t1_j9wbms1 wrote

Need a salvage inspection. The only place they do that right now is Wethersfield DMV. And for the love of god do not drive it there, tow it. You’ll be in trouble if you drive it. It will not make the inspector happy. And you want them to be happy.


Neek_At_Nite t1_j9wxt9x wrote

Salvage cars till need to be towed (all 4 wheels on a trailer) and they fully inspect the car. Can’t remember if you need a parts list and before and after pictures of repairs as well, I know some states require that. Then if and when it passes you can get a rebuilt title. Unless you can snag it super cheap or some form of track car I wouldn’t bother.


GreaseM0nk3y96 t1_j9t9z7u wrote

Are you able to contact last registered owner ?;


k24dj OP t1_j9ta1x7 wrote

I just asked the seller if he has it but just want to check before looking at the car. Looks like he sells cars maybe I can get him to contact


GreaseM0nk3y96 t1_j9tm36x wrote

As long as you have a q1 form that has the last registered owner on it or the licensed dealer should be good.

Sometimes the state makes you get it inspected.


yudkib t1_j9tleid wrote

This is actually a really good question and I don’t know the answer. Did you run a NMVTIS or a carfax? I would run the carfax and see if it was registered after the salvage event as a rebuilt title. CarFax may actually show a rebuilt title being issued otherwise call the DMV of the issuing state and see if they can help you out. I am not certain whether CT requires inspection on rebuilt titles but I wouldn’t think so.


Prudent-Ball2698 t1_j9tvvy3 wrote

Yes and no. If it's a salvage it has go get Inspected in Wethersfield, but after that yes you can register it, they don't do titles for anything over 20 years old


TheDiabeticSenpai t1_j9ui7ev wrote

Let’s say you are able to after it’s inspected; your insurance is going to be a nightmare and it’s resale value will be pennies. Miata’s aren’t a cheap project car like Donut Media hyped them up to be 8 years ago. If you’re stuck with this one already, I’d either part it out or build it specifically for the track.


k24dj OP t1_j9uigtk wrote

My insurance was quoted $60 a
month gave them the vin and everything don’t care about resale value it’s already cheap as is but I didn’t get it yet really would like to avoid the headache


TheDiabeticSenpai t1_j9uj9ep wrote

Unless this Miata would be for track use only, I’d highly recommend staying away from it in that case. There’s always Miata’s popping up on the marketplace. Sadly they aren’t as cheap as they used to be.