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CaseyGamer64YT t1_j8k2wk7 wrote

Great my faith in humanity has dwindled even more now that people are surviving two mass shootings in one lifetime


MyGodItsFullOfClowns t1_j8k645o wrote

There was a Columbine survivor at Virginia Tech.

There was a survivor of a Canadian mass shooting at the Aurora theater shooting.

There were survivors of Oxford High(in Michigan) at this shooting.

I think America has a gun problem.


bramletabercrombe t1_j8kmpl1 wrote

America has a terrorist problem. It's called the Republican party.


CaseyGamer64YT t1_j8ky3rw wrote

god I fucking love the two party system definitely not destroying the country at its core. And honestly I'm rooting for the more moderate ones that are trying to kick the crazies out of their party. There's going to be a split.


bramletabercrombe t1_j8l2hkw wrote

any true moderate republican was primaried out of the party in the last 20 years by Koch. Proof: John McCain was once the most right wing republican member of the Senate. He died the most liberal. He never changed.


Jolly_Operation_1502 t1_j8vl32m wrote

You sure it's not a mental health problem? My guns haven't killed anyone.


MyGodItsFullOfClowns t1_j8wfu6b wrote

Neither had Klebold and Harris's guns.

Neither had Cho's.

Neither had Husbands.

Neither had Holmes.

Neither had Crumbleys.

Neither had Lanza's.

Neither had McRae's.

Until they did. Your guns haven't killed anyone yet.


CaseyGamer64YT t1_j8ksl84 wrote

well also a mental health and 24 hour news media. [this video shows a seldom spoken side] ( banning guns won't magically stop school shootings. I know I'm gonna sound like a pessimist but we might have to start accepting this as normal.


Nyrfan2017 t1_j8ktm7k wrote

We have a lack of respect for human life … but yes mental health is a huge issue along with the 24 hour news the nut jobs with pods casts that tell people what’s so wrong with everything all the time … people need to shit off news even get off social media and I think a lot of people will be happier humans


AdHistorical7107 t1_j8kvisu wrote

Yep, here we go. Deflection.....


CaseyGamer64YT t1_j8kxh7j wrote

I'm not saying guns are one of the problems. It's just not the only problem. I'm all for gun control within reason. I don't want people to take my guns whenever I get a gun. If I do get a gun it would be for self defense if the zombie apocalypse ever happens, and shooting targets for shits and giggles. Better than the idiots that only buy guns as a political statement to "own the libs"


AdHistorical7107 t1_j8kzm55 wrote

Your interpretation of "within reason" could be vastly different from others. Unfortunately a lot of folks pro 2a here just want to bitch about how getting a Gun will be more difficult. They simply ignore all the grieving parents who have lost their kids, and imo, are enablers. They deflect alot.


WellSeasonedUsername t1_j8l8bin wrote

And you’re ignoring the fact that you could ban all guns tomorrow but criminals and gangs will still get them.


CaseyGamer64YT t1_j8l07hj wrote

idk just don't ban assault weapons. just make sure schizos can't get the assault weapons. AR-15's are neat


Rich-Equivalent-1875 t1_j8l7ldm wrote

One problem are parents who buy their angry kids firearms ( to relate , spend quality time with their kid) it a no brainer, don’t buy your kid a gun to make up for all the times you fxcked up in raising them. Go fishing camping or play video games with them instead.


hahaha7890123 t1_j8llei8 wrote

That’s actually a felony. It’s a straw purchase. Yet another example of the gun not being the issue…


Ok_Couple_1667 t1_j8mnx7a wrote

There are many ways people gift Guns, kids can have access to them while parents own them, People transfer it to their children as gifts, that’s not a felony if the transfer is done , etc etc


buried_lede t1_j8lcsse wrote

There was also a Parkland survivor at Michigan, I heard