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pd9 t1_j8wr7li wrote

This guy has been preparing for this question for ages


HughWonPDL2018 t1_j8xtnr4 wrote

It’s a list, but if the Norwalk recommendation is representative of the rest of the list, I’m not taking the list too seriously. That’s not a cafe at all and it’s definitely not the best option for coffee in the area.


ChodyMcChoderson t1_j8y7118 wrote

I actually recently started working in Norwalk, can you give your recommendations for the area!? That’d be awesome


HughWonPDL2018 t1_j8yybm0 wrote

For beans—Strigo. They’re super friendly, located in the same business complex as the 314 beer garden, and do free local delivery themselves to a few local zip codes. Easily my go-to roastery, fresh as can be. Other nearby options include Quartertone (he works out of Nod Hill Brewery’s building in ridgefield) and Shearwater (a few locations in Fairfield county).

For cafes—Cafe Dolce has been my favorite for years now, and Pausa and Allora are newer options. Haven’t been to Allora yet, but they use Strigo beans, which is a good sign. Pausa is Italian in everything they do, food and coffee.


JackieDraper907 t1_j8zau56 wrote

Dude was waiting for this like the knight guarding the Holy Grail