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Recently replaced a water heater. When the project began the main water valve was aligned correctly and the water ran fine. I turned to the off position and the water didn’t turn off. Turned it back to the on position and the water turned off. I then installed the heater but the valve positions have stayed opposite. No leaks and the water runs fine. Should I be concerned?



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erikwarm t1_jdij84e wrote

Loosen the handle and remount it in the correct position


Amazingawesomator t1_jdicwbr wrote

Meh. I'd grab a sharpie, draw an arrow and write "off" in a visible place close to it.

I am lazy.


Garage540 t1_jdifjp9 wrote

Is there some kind of screw holding the handle onto the valve? I'm thinking about the handle for one of the hoses at work. It has a small square peg with a threaded hole in the middle on the faucet side, the back of the handle has a square in it with the hole, we are missing the screw. If the screw is loose, it's possible that the handle was backed up off far enough to not spin the valve the first time you moved it. And you have unintentionally re-indexed the handle on the valve. If this sounds like what your valve looks like, then just reindex it the right way and tighten the screw.

If it is not like this and it doesn't seem like there is any way that the handle could spin without the valve moving, you might want to replace it even if it's not leaking. That doesn't mechanically make sense how that could work, that might cause you problems at some point, like the next time you need to use it.

It's also possible that it's not fully turned on in this situation. Like it could be about 3/4 of the way open, enough to give you the water pressure you would expect out of one or two faucets at a time.


DarkAthena t1_jdiagjy wrote

Only if you don't mark it so you remember which way is which and so others know.

If it were me, I'd fix it, but I'm fussy that way.


Diligent_Nature t1_jdil2f1 wrote

Is it a quarter turn handle or a multi turn one? For the former the handle needs to be removed and rotated 90 degrees. For the latter, there is no correct position.


samcrut t1_jdj9l0q wrote

I take it this is a lever valve.

Remove screw. Pull off handle. Rotate handle. Place back on. Replace screw.


Forgotten_Pants t1_jdjmmf6 wrote

Simple fix. Reverse the polarity of the neutron flow.


OldBob10 t1_jdkx7gl wrote

That would require recalibrating the flux capacitor!


windy496 t1_jdj8hyz wrote

I had a situation where the main shut off would not shut off. I called the city and they came out and shut off the water supply to the house. The main shut off used a rubber washer that had broken up. The guy who came out told me to go and get a gate valve of the same size as the original. He came back and installed it for me. Days later I noticed that the water meter was not turning. Called the city again and they came out and replaced the meter. Turns out the broken washer in the old shut off was caught up in the old meter.


LeatherDonkey140 t1_jdj9al6 wrote

Is it possible the handle turned 90’ on the shaft?(assuming it’s a ball valve)


zombie-jaw OP t1_jdkm4k1 wrote

It is a ball valve. I don’t feel like that occurred but will check after work. Thanks for your input


Racer12570 t1_jdkpe15 wrote

For a ball valve, open position is normally with the handle parallel to the pipe. The only thing that makes sense is your handle turned independent of the valve somehow. Most metal valves have a keyed hole and shaft, so this shouldn't be possible. I think pvc valves have the handle press fit with an indexed shaft, so same thing there.

Really, it doesn't matter. If someone opens it they can figure out that it needs to turn 90° no matter what direction it's facing.


PrettyNothing8962 t1_jdju08v wrote

It’s missing the Flux Capacitor. Home Depot has them on sale.


zombie-jaw OP t1_jdkmocl wrote

Would this problem effect my Heisenberg compensator? I’ll need it functioning properly to get to the Depot safely.


OldBob10 t1_jdkxekt wrote

No, but the Bohr valve may need re-Bohring.


FegiXL t1_jdjrr9u wrote

Devil's work. Burn everything 😎


Rumplesforeskin t1_jdk246n wrote

You sure you just didn't get confused? The way the lever is positioned will tell you open or closed


zombie-jaw OP t1_jdknnlm wrote

I’m sure. It’s a ball valve. The water worked fine. I tried to turn it off. It just kept coming. I turned it back to the on position and it stopped


Racer12570 t1_jdkpr0t wrote

Sure you didn't turn it the wrong way first and spin the handle on the shaft?


chancimus33 t1_jdkk5rq wrote

So on is off and off is on? What’s the problem, just remember that


zombie-jaw OP t1_jdklp21 wrote

Remembering that isn’t the issue. Why it happened and if there is a potentially a bigger problem on the horizon is.


usedTP t1_jdj90li wrote

The handle is 90°out. It will only get worse and usually pretty quickly.