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Callec254 t1_je9k9ls wrote

Yes. But every house I've ever owned, the master bedroom has them wired to two separate switches, and then every other fan in the house has them wired to the same switch. I've never understood this, like how much harder could it possibly be to do them all to two switches?


craigcoffman t1_je9kkak wrote

If installing a fan in an older home, 'two switches' requires installing a new box in the wall (for room for the second switch) & then running another wire from the switchbox to the fan (so as to have control over both fan & light independently). Most homeowner don't want o do this, so they hook it up like you see & then use the pull chains.


delia_ann t1_jea2sm6 wrote

It doesn’t require a new box, just a dual switch. But it’s true no one wants to run the wiring. It’s obnoxious how hard it is to actually find a fan now that’s meant for standard 3-wire setups.


Just_wanna_talk t1_je9xn04 wrote

Most of them are probably wired for regular light fixtures and have a fan put in afterwards.