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Madams135 OP t1_je9qvx6 wrote

But YOU understand me. Thanks for the feedback. I actually found some smart bulbs, so this is the easy "fix."


Just_wanna_talk t1_je9xiom wrote

You can also buy remote controllers where you wire in a receiver at the base of the fan and use a remote to control the fan and lights independently. This way you can also control the fan speed in addition if it's a 3 speed fan.


Oenonaut t1_jea35e7 wrote

That was my first thought, but on re-reading the fan and light are completely separate fixtures. I think what you're describing is intended to control the fan and lights in a single fixture.


Just_wanna_talk t1_jeb24b5 wrote

Depending on how it's wired it may still work if you interrupt the line with the receiver. But instead of the receiver controlling the lights in the fan itself it would control the separate light fixture.


BobbysWorldWar2 t1_jeaaw34 wrote

I had the same issue and this is what I did to fix it. Was going to be $400 to get a new wire ran without the drywall work. I ended up just getting a nicer big fan/light for $150 and replacing it myself.


Reallytalldude t1_jecphn7 wrote

Yep, that is exactly what my sparky installed for the same dilemma. I have one circuit that has both ceiling Down lights and a fan on the same light switch. He put in a remote control that operates both, so instead of flipping the switch I just use the remote - the switch stays always on.

Picture of said remote control:


Madams135 OP t1_jedqbfd wrote

Interesting. The fan has its own remote, but obviously just controls the fan. This doesn't fix the downright being always on. Thanks for sharing the pic.


amznfire t1_jeam6yt wrote

The problem even with smart bulbs is that if you cut power to the fan, the bulbs will lose power as well and thus disconnect from wifi.

Not sure how fast they reestablish wifi connection if you restore power to the fan and whether they go through some self check each time but this might be annoying as well as smart bulbs aren't designed to be fully powered off each time you turn off the lights.


compounding t1_jecga2g wrote

The solution if you still want to use the wall switch would be to permanently connect the power (take the switch out of the circuit entirely) and replace the wall receptacle with smart switches that are programmed to control the smart lights and a relay for the fan wirelessly.


TenderfootGungi t1_jea6vhy wrote

One of the few scenarios that smart bulbs instead of smart switched make sense.


Pinbrawler t1_jea5tj3 wrote

A remote or hunter makes a new wall switch that has light on/off/bright fan on/off/speed and full power. Only issue is it’s ugly af and off white. I use them and it works well for not running more wires for full control but still being able to adjust


Katters8811 t1_jebcsza wrote

There are a lot of different options and colors for these switches... definitely including white lol. Isn’t “Hunter” the brand name of some fans? So if it HAS to be brand specific for the one you have, maybe that’s the issue. People are getting these types of switches all over the place now (at least where I am in the US) and I’ve seen a huge variety and different colors. Never felt the need for one myself, so not sure about requirements. Mainly see them in newer houses or houses being renovated/updated. May be worth a look if you don’t like the color though!


Pinbrawler t1_jed305q wrote

Mine was through hunter, and they have a limited selection. It was a decently generic kit that installs a remote receiver in the fan unit and has the wall outlet with the remote. So I could see some other brands having correct colors


Katters8811 t1_jegu09n wrote

Yeah, back a few years ago I was looking to upgrade some ceiling fan/lights in my house and noticed hunter has an all around shockingly limited selection! They’re a great brand, but they seriously need to catch up selection-wise. Ones I’ve seen doing home renovations are pretty badass and there’s ones that u can attach the remote to, so it’s easy to put somewhere to keep up with it when you leave the room, then grab it back off the switch when you come into the room


SkooksOnReddit t1_jeb44ka wrote

That's how I solved it, sure I can't flip a switch to turn them off but I can turn them off in bed.


CloudMage1 t1_jebuxas wrote

there is no easy hard wire fix. smart bulbs would be the easiest. put an alexa in there and turn it on and off that way. you could also buy one of the "add on" remotes for ceiling fans and light fixtures to the light fixture wiring. then you could mount the remote to the wall and use it to turn the light on and off. that just requires wiring it into the top of the light fixture.

but smart bulbs would be my go to. i use them everywhere anyways.


lukkyfukky t1_jea4oem wrote

Smart bulbs def the way to go. I can turn mine on/off from anywhere w my phone as long as the switch is on. Def not worth the hassle of rewiring shit.


9174619472 t1_jeaeonq wrote

I have a similar and am rubbing Phillips hue smart bulbs and switch.

The switch is great. I stuck it on the wall next to existing switches.


Ryantdunn t1_jecjyz9 wrote

Smart bulbs will turn on every time you switch it off and on again which is a bit annoying. Are the pull cords missing? Usually the fan unit is all on one wall switch and you change the lights and fan setting with the pull cords.