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Just_wanna_talk t1_je9xiom wrote

You can also buy remote controllers where you wire in a receiver at the base of the fan and use a remote to control the fan and lights independently. This way you can also control the fan speed in addition if it's a 3 speed fan.


Oenonaut t1_jea35e7 wrote

That was my first thought, but on re-reading the fan and light are completely separate fixtures. I think what you're describing is intended to control the fan and lights in a single fixture.


Just_wanna_talk t1_jeb24b5 wrote

Depending on how it's wired it may still work if you interrupt the line with the receiver. But instead of the receiver controlling the lights in the fan itself it would control the separate light fixture.


BobbysWorldWar2 t1_jeaaw34 wrote

I had the same issue and this is what I did to fix it. Was going to be $400 to get a new wire ran without the drywall work. I ended up just getting a nicer big fan/light for $150 and replacing it myself.


Reallytalldude t1_jecphn7 wrote

Yep, that is exactly what my sparky installed for the same dilemma. I have one circuit that has both ceiling Down lights and a fan on the same light switch. He put in a remote control that operates both, so instead of flipping the switch I just use the remote - the switch stays always on.

Picture of said remote control:


Madams135 OP t1_jedqbfd wrote

Interesting. The fan has its own remote, but obviously just controls the fan. This doesn't fix the downright being always on. Thanks for sharing the pic.