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codenoggin OP t1_jdft09n wrote

Thanks! That's incredibly helpful, I hadn't considered self-leveling cement. We were originally talking about a floating floor so I guess I was stuck on that idea.

So the self-leveling cement should bring the whole floor up to near-level with the rest of the house (minus the thickness of the cork and laminate)?


mawktheone t1_jdgu7ro wrote

You could do well to combine two recommendations on the thread.

Put down a layer of duroroc or cement board, which will fill up a good chunk of the height for cheap. Then some self leveling compound for the remainder, which means a safer cheaper single 3/4 inch pour.

Then, instead of laminate, get wood effect tiles. Not much more expensive but totally waterproof


Enginerdad t1_jdhrjdh wrote

3/4" is pushing the limit of a single pour, depending on the specific product you use. Also, that shit ain't cheap. I'd avoid using self leveler unless the floor is so out of flat/level that you can't address it with the Duroc and a mortar bed


5degreenegativerake t1_jdg2fuc wrote

The ones I have used have a maximum thickness of 1” per pour. If the porch is sizable, that will take a whole lot of bags of self leveler but it will give you a near perfect substrate. It is a lot easier to get it level when you pour it in a higher thickness as it flows better. I would probably just do the 1” and then feather in the doorway over 4’ or so to make a smooth transition to the existing floor.


FirstForFun44 t1_jdiui8n wrote

In that case a layer of cement and then a final sheet of leveler might be best.


b3ta_max t1_jdfv891 wrote

That's correct, glad I could help! Good luck


FirstForFun44 t1_jdiukcn wrote

Make sure you use COLD water. I poured two days ago. Learn from me.