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Civil_Set_9281 t1_je6qe08 wrote

Patience, and a .22


BillionTonsHyperbole t1_je6w538 wrote

Plywood with weights over one hole and a smoke bomb down the other helps with the patience bit.

Source: grew up on a farm and had to exterminate a lot of vermin.


systemdelete t1_je720lr wrote

I’ve found with a 220gr 30 cal the ones at the edge of my yard flip a few times and land far enough back in my woods I don’t generally have to mess with them further. It’s also quiet enough to not wake the neighbors in the wee hours of the morning.


zhowle t1_je6ni1o wrote

I poured ammonia around, then dig a trench and put chicken wire all around so he couldn't dig a hole again. I don't think you can kill them.


billyiam5591 OP t1_je6p8wn wrote

He dug burrows under my shed last year and now he’s reared his ugly head again. I’ve tried plugging them but to no avail he’s determined to stay. I threw firecrackers down the holes and I even shot him with a pellet gun but it didn’t do anything but kept him more alert to me. I don’t want to harm him but when animals get destructive it’s war. I’ve read also that ammonia and also applying epsom salt around the area but I’m tired of playing. I’m going to HD and some hardware cloth and bury it about a foot around the perimeter after I treat the area so he’s not trapped after I do it. Thanks for reply


Alwayssunnyinarizona t1_je6qf34 wrote

Have-a-heart traps are ~$50-60 at TSC.


QuestionableNotion t1_je77lxz wrote

Trick is to get him in there. I know they're herbivores. Is there some garden delicacy they can't deny themselves?

Edit: now that the thread has been nuked, I figure the chances of getting an answer to my question were pretty slim. So, I fired up the Google machine.

It turns out that they love carrots and corn. That's one reason farmers don't like woodchucks.


I_am_beast55 t1_je6t2mr wrote

I'm in the exact same boat. So far I've tried ammonia, and roach bombs to no avail. I'm going to try trapping him next. Otherwise, my last resort is waiting until he leaves his burrow, which I've kind of learned his patterns, and then hammering into the ground those anti dig spikes around the shed.


Guygan t1_je74bdo wrote

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infodawg t1_je6p9nl wrote

Why kill another living creature unless it's threatening your life? Or you need to eat it in order to live?