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--Ty-- t1_je8424h wrote

Latex paints work fine over oil-based paints, as water-based coatings work just fine over oil-based ones once they are fully cured.

If the existing coating happens to be very glossy, there can be adhesion problems, but oil-based does not inherently imply glossy.


Justhitamoose t1_je8ib5l wrote

For long-term adhesion one should use an orbital sander on the oil paint, then wash the surface with a TSP solution, and then use a latex paint primer. Only after these steps are taken should you apply two coats of latex paint. It’s a pain in the ass that uses more materials, but it can be done. It’s about the same amount of work as just stripping and repainting with latex from the wall up


InterEverAfter t1_je9mzob wrote

Not understanding your comment. My mother had latex paint on top of oil paint, and the latex paint peeled off. I would not recommend that anyone do this.


--Ty-- t1_je9pc3c wrote

My point is this is anecdotal. There's nothing inherently wrong with using water-based paints over oil-based ones. If you do the work properly, and apply the principles of good painting prep, it works just fine.


ADHDannyboy t1_je9w5tz wrote

My time in the Home Depot paint department has shown that people do not follow the principles of good paint prep haha


iseebirds t1_jea9ztq wrote

SOME latex paints are ok over alkyd(oil). Typically higher end, 100% acrylic latex paints are recommended. SOME latex primers are available for oil to latex conversion also. Not all primers will do this