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RayMan85 t1_je0hsmm wrote

what about a sheet of glass cut to size?


mogrifier4783 t1_je0j8jo wrote

Probably the original shelves are wire mesh to allow the cold air to circulate. I'd look for a steel/appliance recycling place which ought to have lots of these little refrigerators. Or maybe cut a shelf out of milk crate plastic.


mojojojo2842 OP t1_je0jnc8 wrote

What would be the best way to get glass cut?


ComfortableLoud6853 t1_je0mko2 wrote

Some hardware stores will do it, or you can ask at a glass (window or windshield installation, probably) company


Nstangl52 t1_je2z4az wrote

This, but plexiglass. Home Depot sells sheets of them and they're easy to cut. Maybe get a thicker one if you will have heavier stuff