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mojojojo2842 OP t1_je0xjey wrote

They don't need to be wire! I just thought that would probably be the easiest solution. It's easier to trim a small wire shelf to size with bolt cutters or wire cutters than it is for me to cut metal, unless I got some new tools. I'm also just generally worried about rough edges damaging the fridge, but that's an issue regardless of material.


Z0mbiejay t1_je1ozcw wrote

You'd want to go with wire shelves. The cooling all comes ambient from the freezer drawer. Solid shelves will block the cold dispersing. Probably not a big deal if this is just going to be a drink fridge, more of an issue for spoilable foods/medicines


ThatGuyTheyCallAlex t1_je2i21r wrote

Not sure it matters that much, I had a mini fridge with glass shelves out of the box. They’re not very big so there’s enough air circulation through the door region. Cost is probably what decides if they’re glass or wire.


Z0mbiejay t1_je2q9fc wrote

Interesting, I've only ever seen wire shelves in them. But admittedly it's been a few years since I've shopped for mini-fridges. Learn something new every day!


Enginerdad t1_je2yuf1 wrote

If the fridge came with solid shelves it was built to work with them. If it came with wire shelves it wasn't necessarily designed to work with solid ones.


crunchyfrog555 t1_je2xyrt wrote

Actually I stand corrected. as that is indeed a fair point. Thank you for pointing that out - go for the wire shelves.


BrickGun t1_je1h6gt wrote

Get a Dremel with a cutting wheel (usually a few come in a kit with the tool). You'll find it very useful throughout the years beyond this DIY project. I've used that exact thing to cut these exact same wire shelves from HD for my pantry. You can also use the grinding wheel (also usually comes with a basic kit) to smooth the rough ends before you cap them. Cutting each bar only takes a few seconds with practice. And don't forget safety glasses! :D


OriginalSuggestion87 t1_je29dn5 wrote

The Chicago Electric rotary tools from Harbor Freight work great if you only need it for the odd project here and there. $25 for the tool and a set of attachments, plus then you have one on hand for the future. I've used one and a few name brand Dremels over the years and it really is just as good (even if it may not last as long).

May be worth picking up an actual Dremel brand reinforced cutoff wheel to go with it, though. Those things chew through anything and take a real beating before breaking.


BrickGun t1_je2gbah wrote

Seconded. I have a ton of Harbor Freight stuff in my garage and it's all been pretty solid. And agreed on the reinforced cutting wheels. I snap the "normal" ones constantly, so I only use the reinforced ones now. And the ones with the EZ Lock are fantastic for ease in swapping them out.


Complete_Goose667 t1_je1zo4t wrote

Yes, they need to be wire so that the cold air circulates through the entire fridge. Also look on appliance parts and rebuy the original shelves.