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Hi everyone,

I had a little mishap where a hot pan got pushed against the stove wall, which left a nasty burn mark on it. This wall was not done by me, so I am a little unsure what type of material I'm exactly looking at. It feels smooth, but has this textured feel when you drag your nails on it and very slightly rubbery feel and is very easy to clean.

The whole wall has this flower theme going on, so I'm hoping this could be a specific type of paint? My worst fear is that it came as a set/panel and was just installed.

Essentially, I'm looking for an effective way of seamlessly patching this area.





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Rzham OP t1_jeedxg4 wrote

I had to remove this part, as otherwise it got flagged for "brainstorming post", but even a clue on what type of coating this is would help me tremendously.


gooberfaced t1_jeee84t wrote

>It's smooth, but has this textured appearance and very slightly rubbery feel and is very easy to clean.

It sounds like a vinyl shelf liner has been used to wallpaper.

If it is vinyl there is no fixing it, sorry.


Rzham OP t1_jeegr9j wrote

I think I gave a false description. It feels smooth, but by dragging your nails on it, you can definitely feel the texture as well. Aren't vinyl liners typically completely smooth?

But I just took the outlet off and it does look like some sort of special wallpaper/liner has been applied, cause the holes have nicely cut edges for it.


imoutohere t1_jeej849 wrote

Maybe take a longer shot. Better perspective.


RevolutionaryCat4 t1_jeesvgd wrote

I think regardless of the material, it's going to be damn near impossible to match the existing texture to create a truly seamless fix.

If it is some sort of vinyl (possible based on the way it melted, but I'm far from an expert), maybe sanding down the high spots and one of those vinyl repair kits could get you close enough, depending on your definition of close enough.

Or maybe it's time to consider some sort of decorative addition to your kitchen that just so happens to sit right in front of the damage. 🙃🤷‍♂️ Hard to tell if that could work or not from the pics - it would obviously have to be something thinner like a painted tile or something.


Jay-Five t1_jef0nm6 wrote

Is that wallpaper?
Def an appliqué of some sort.
You have to either remove/replace or find a spot that has that color/texture and is hidden from view, cut out a section big enough to cover the burn, peel it off, lay it over the burn, cut out the burn part through both pieces, remove the overlay, remove the burned section, replace with overlay.


alr126 t1_jef96to wrote

As per Mr. Murphy, whatever material is most expensive to repair or replace must be will be 'what that material is.


Eatthebankers2 t1_jeg4si9 wrote

That is textured vinyl wall panel. Someone painted the blue.


Laleaky t1_jegkb68 wrote

Putting vinyl wall covering on a wall that a stove is touching was not a good idea. This was going to happen eventually. That’s why people often use tile, metal, or another backsplash-like material next to a stove.


skydiver1958 t1_jegq4dd wrote

Looks like some kind of vinyl wallpaper behind a stove top. Not sure what genius thought that was a good idea but pretty much non repairable. You need a heat proof material there like tile or metal.

There is no seamless patch. This is all wrong above a cook top.