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penguinpenguins t1_je12wr7 wrote

Who are you, and how did you get in here?


Maoman1 OP t1_je1340d wrote

I'm a locksmith, and I'm a locksmith


OathOfFeanor t1_je16kgc wrote

Thank you for indulging us with our 100% original DIY comedy


[deleted] t1_je1f90q wrote



Arkeuz t1_je1fqfv wrote

pretty damm sure that was sarcasm


LeaveTheWorldBehind t1_je1jbiz wrote

What's reddit without gatekeeping at every possible step - even when wrong 😂


StatusSea5409 t1_je1m213 wrote


There is no gatekeeping!!


eye_spi t1_je274qs wrote


These are mine now. You can't keep them.


Kaizenism t1_je31rue wrote


“You have been delineated” in Terminator voice


profanityridden_01 t1_je1pwq0 wrote

Have you been waiting your entire life to say that? Because it was fucking glorious.


Maoman1 OP t1_je1qak0 wrote

Lol no, it happens almost every time I reveal I'm a locksmith in other subreddits. Fortunately, I never tire of it ;)

I have been waiting my whole life to say it IRL though. Knowing me, I'll crack up mid-sentence and ruin the opportunity.


tstormredditor t1_je1vths wrote

Have you tried breaking into more hones and getting caught? I bet you'd get the opportunity to use it then


Dad2DnA t1_je3pltf wrote

I once had a job delivering pizzas, and a regular customer of ours was a prosthetics shop called Breaky Prosthetics; which I found hilarious in and of itself.

Anyhoo, I made regular deliveries there, maybe once a week, for a couple of months before it happened, the moment I had been waiting for.

I arrived with the order, and the receptionist asked me how much it was. My reply?

"An arm and a leg!"

They were not amused, but that is still among my proudest irl joke moments


kerbaal t1_je1w34m wrote

> I have been waiting my whole life to say it IRL though.

Not a locksmith but a guy who has played with picking locks (it even came in handy a couple of times.

Was going to a party recently, of the rather shall we say lively and spicy kind. The person throwing it pointed out that there is an old safe in one of the rooms, and the owner of the place has given permission to try and get into it.

I made it a point to NOT find out where it was, because otherwise I would have spent the entire night there trying to be that guy.


FerretChrist t1_je2ih66 wrote

Most disappointing ending to a story one could possibly imagine.


kerbaal t1_je2m27w wrote

> Most disappointing ending to a story one could possibly imagine.

Only because you see it as the ending; it was definitely where the fun began. I have no regrets. It would have been far more disappointing if I spent all night not getting into a box.


FerretChrist t1_je2nbr9 wrote

Sure, I'm real happy for you having a great night at a party and ignoring a safe. That doesn't make the story any more exciting for the rest of us.


MagicToolbox t1_je2r28x wrote

It was a spicy party right? You spent the night getting into a box, but not the safe....


kerbaal t1_je2voex wrote

Spicy enough that I felt good about leaving a mark.


Sasselhoff t1_je1web6 wrote

I have utmost faith in you pulling this off with nary a titter, giggle, nor snicker, /u/Maoman1 (however, what I would now like to know, is how are you and /u/maoman1 related?).


hello_raleigh-durham t1_je21ntk wrote

> I have been waiting my whole life to say it IRL though. Knowing me, I'll crack up mid-sentence and ruin the opportunity.

“I’m Ben Jones, and I used a b…ah frick!”


New_Designer5528 t1_je2pgxy wrote

No glory os watching your coworker, (when being heckled by a doctor on how to fix the lock) hand the doctor the screwdriver and tell him to fix the lock, and he would do the surgery for the doc...


insane_contin t1_je4qgrk wrote

"Who are you and how did you get in here?"

"I'm Maoman1 and your wife just let.... NOOOOOOOOOO"


Rodentia-Nullified t1_je15hk4 wrote

I have never, ever, ever wanted to spend real world money on stupid internet clout awards to give away until this very day.

I get it now ready. I get it now.


drthvdrsfthr t1_je21pvm wrote

it’s from an old 80s show lol i thoroughly enjoyed your fangirling though


coop999 t1_je3j8zm wrote

> it’s from an old 80s show

For those who don't know, the show is Police Squad starring the great Leslie Nielsen.


more_beans_mrtaggart t1_je2407a wrote

Well, if you’re anything like the three different locksmiths I’ve had to employ, you had no idea how to open the lock without a key, so you smashed your way in through a window, boarded it up, and will tell us I now need to call a glazier and you’ll be back a week on Thursday to replace the lock.


Maoman1 OP t1_je2cpvm wrote

Sorry you encountered a scammer. Unfortunately our industry is riddled with them thanks to states (or countries) which do not require licensing to call yourself a locksmith. Trust me, we hate them as much as you do.


ashahmal t1_je2habo wrote

I honestly have never thought about how a locksmith gets qualified to be that I know this, I hate it too! How do you know someone is qualified when looking for a locksmith?


Maoman1 OP t1_je2l72o wrote

Generally if they have a brick and mortar location (i.e. they aren't a mobile-only setup) or they've been in business for at least 5-10 years, you can be pretty sure they aren't a scammer. There do exist mobile-only locksmiths that aren't scammers, but scammers with a brick and mortar location are pretty rare


NurseKdog t1_je3sp47 wrote

I also use a brick as my primary bypass method. I just can't afford the ATF tax stamps on the mortars...


Maoman1 OP t1_je5auqz wrote

My father (also a locksmith) has a fake foam brick that he occasionally throws at people's window as a joke when they're locked out.


funnyflywheel t1_je4lm09 wrote

I’d tell them about a lawyer who’s really good at picking locks.


ahj3939 t1_je13rjb wrote

I asked a question there 5 years ago and my post was never approved.

I just wanted to know if you could put a medeco cylinder in a baldwin lock. BTW the answer is yes.


Maoman1 OP t1_je1h8oh wrote

Five years is a long time--things have changed dramatically since then. It's not even the same mod team, nevermind the rules and policies.

Also yes you can put a medeco cylinder in some baldwin locks, but baldwin makes an awful lot of very different locks and many of them are not compatible with anything other than what they start with.


AlexanderDaychilde t1_je22p1r wrote

Excuse me, but this is not /r/AskALocksmith, omg /r/lostredditors!!! /s :)


ArrrGaming t1_je1mqs3 wrote

You did it wrong, much like /r/python vs /r/learnpython.

Nobody guessing what subreddit to use is going to guess “AskALocksmith”, they’re going to guess “locksmith”.

You should make something else like “ProLocksmiths” or whatever, and direct people there for “advanced” discussion while leaving the easily guessed name for the common questions. It would save you so much time and effort because then you wouldn’t be fighting against human nature.

Much like /r/python though , you won’t. You’ll just continue to rail against the inevitable. :p


TexasTornadoTime t1_je21539 wrote

The easier solution is just flair. Is it really hard to get your daily users to use flairs… and then sort post by them. I can’t imagine that subreddit is busy enough to need a split


AlexanderDaychilde t1_je23zqa wrote

> Is it really hard to get your daily users to use flairs…


But in subs I mod, that's part of moderation.


TexasTornadoTime t1_je24y6h wrote

Sure, but I’m pretty sure you can make flairs mandatory? Like won’t let you post without one. If your users are too stubborn to filter by flairs then they can walk and form their own subreddit


AlexanderDaychilde t1_je26j4g wrote

You can try to make them mandatory, but that only works some places. I'm not sure where it does and doesn't, but one of the subs I used to mod had that set and people could still post without flair.

But again, it's part of being a mod. It's not hard to flair posts.


chopsuwe t1_je35iht wrote

AskLocksmiths would be better. It matches AskElectronics, AskPlumbers, AskElectricians. etc.


Kimorin t1_je4ycy6 wrote

could do r/locksmithForLocksmith.... or r/L4L........................ wait.......


Dry-Gulch-Slim t1_je15zuh wrote

Try asking people who go to arr-Biology to go to arr-WhatsThisBug for their identification questions. It's a losing battle because people are idiots.


bake_disaster t1_je183fy wrote

WhatsThisBird and Birding just gave up trying to redirect people because people can't read the sidebar


Dry-Gulch-Slim t1_je19mfc wrote

Biology made a modpost redirecting them and just didn't enforce it. It's a mess.

I am not an ornithologist but I can tell the difference between "whatsthisbird" and "birding". I think.

Whatsthisbird is for identification and birding is for the hobby of photographing and finding birds right? At a guess, swear no looking.

E: okay now I looked and subbed. I love pro pictures of birds. There's that person that always posts on animalporn and I dig it.


bake_disaster t1_je1csyn wrote

But this line of thinking requires you to know both exist. When in reality you can just snap a blurry pic of a house sparrow with your Motorola Razer from 2005 and post to Birding, asking if it's a rare bird species


Dry-Gulch-Slim t1_je1flwv wrote

I actually didn't know either sub existed but I sure as hell know how to Google. Literally everyone does.

More importantly I can go on a sub and search for top all time and read the sidebar.

And that bit about the razr was the first thing that made me audibly laugh on here in a while.


Paulo27 t1_je1ghwz wrote

And your post gets removed by the mods. Easy.


bake_disaster t1_je1zpq9 wrote

It doesn't though, because the mods gave up on trying to redirect people


Paulo27 t1_je24lfl wrote

Well then it's a problem with moderation but it's solvable.


Tim_Gilbert t1_je28c1y wrote

I wonder if they added a tag, like "identification", then auto removed every post with that tag and auto comment to go to the other sub.

Might be annoying to force people to tag in order to post though.


Queen__Antifa t1_je1d5tk wrote

Does what’sthisbird answer questions about birdsongs? Like if I linked a recording?


Westley_Never_Dies t1_je1q9cy wrote

Yes! With enthusiasm. They also are fantastic at identifying birds from sketches (of any skill level).


92894952620273749383 t1_je3rd7y wrote

>WhatsThisBird and Birding just gave up trying to redirect people because people can't read the sidebar

That's the problem. It should be the top bar.


nolo_me t1_je4735y wrote

The problem is people refusing to read the rules of a sub before posting.


CardinalPeeves t1_je1pzww wrote

r/etymology gets bug questions every once in a while. We like to play along.


drthvdrsfthr t1_je225vy wrote

r/chargers is the subreddit for the NFL team but will occasionally get questions on actual phone/electronic chargers

those get upvoted straight to the top lol


dahipster t1_je2r4ru wrote

We have the same issue for my football, aka soccer, team arsenal, or it's other subreddit r/gunners when a lost redditor posted about his old Winchester rifles. There was much mirth and merriment.


notHooptieJ t1_je3ndfq wrote

/FPV (first person view, Drones) gets a whole lot of /Fordperformancevehicles posts trying to sell their aussie ford..


nolo_me t1_je47505 wrote

That would bug me in ways I can't put into words.


IlexAquifolia t1_je19v7x wrote

Related issue with people asking r/whatisthisplant about fungi.


Dry-Gulch-Slim t1_je1awg7 wrote

I was gonna say they're idiots too but I realized there are plants I might think are fungi so maybe I'm the idiot.


IlexAquifolia t1_je1cy95 wrote

And then there’s the people who ask r/fungi about slime molds. When does it stop?!


FishFloyd t1_je1i9vr wrote

It stops there actually, because r/slimemolds is pretty inactive and r/mycology has a very helpful slime mold person who pops up and answers questions often. So the mods were just like fuck it, post your slimes here too.


Dry-Gulch-Slim t1_je1f2hh wrote

You want to really fuck yourself up, try learning/working bacterial phylogeny. What is a species anymore?


wsippel t1_je48c3y wrote

I mean, slime molds were actually classified as fungi once, and most people don't keep up with classification changes, so that's totally understandable. Not to mention they are still commonly referred to as "mold", and not just in English.


IlexAquifolia t1_je4tomp wrote

Sure, but this is mostly people posting pictures of a weird thing they saw in the woods and asking if it's some kind of mushroom.


SoupOrSandwich t1_je1axq7 wrote

Can confirm people are morons. The worst questions are from essentially non-Redditors. Make an account. Search up the highest level category, type something better answered by Google and smash that post button!


chopsuwe t1_je1qmtf wrote

That's why we have the rule requiring basic research. Doesn't stop them following up with abusive modmails though.


AlexanderDaychilde t1_je23258 wrote

> Doesn't stop them following up with abusive modmails though.

These days, reddit has changed - report those modmails and a lot of the time they'll get warned. Escalating to permaban if they don't stop. So always report bad behaviour. It makes a difference.


chopsuwe t1_je23v6a wrote

We do. I wonder how effective that is though, it's hard to tell because they cant come back when banned.


AlexanderDaychilde t1_je2761x wrote

When you make a report, reddit will — eventually — give you a reply letting you know if the person did or didn't violate the rules.

For example, one I've gotten a little while ago:

Thanks for submitting a report to the Reddit admin team. This content has already been investigated from a previous report. After investigating, we’ve found that the reported content violates Reddit’s Content Policy and have taken action.

If you’d like to cut off contact from the account(s) you reported, you can block them in your Safety and Privacy settings. You can also hide any posts or comments you don’t want to see by selecting Hide from the “…” menu.

If you see any other rule violations or continue to have problems, submit a new report to let us know and we’ll take further action as appropriate.

Thanks again for your report, and for looking out for yourself and your fellow redditors. Your reporting helps make Reddit a better, safer, and more welcoming place for everyone.

For your reference, here are additional details about your report:

Report Details

Report reason: Harassment
Submitted on: 03/20/2023 at 12:37 AM UTC
Link to reported content:

-Reddit Admin Team

This is an automated message; responses will not be received by Reddit admins.

In this case, I had to report the user's comments in the subreddit, but after banning them, they were nasty in modmail so I reported that and got that.

The way to know if they got a warning or tempban from that is to click the modmail link (in your report, obvs you can't see my modmail) and click the user from there - if they're still available, a warning. If they're suspended, they've been previously warned and now it's a 3, 7, ot 30 day ban. :)


Dry-Gulch-Slim t1_je1bykh wrote

>Search up the highest level category, type something better answered by Google

These exactly describe my feelings. When you find a new sub, search by top all time and learn what is posted there. If you have a question, Google it. If it's not there or opinion-based, ask it.


penis-coyote t1_je1jyqn wrote

Not really. Mods often haven a misunderstanding of what people will use their forum for and try to over engineer their topic into a network of subs that gain no traction because there is no traction


Maoman1 OP t1_je1ko01 wrote

No solution will ever be 100% successful at keeping laymen out, but it's working well enough. Any posts that make it past the sidebar, stickied post, warning messages, trap flair, and automoderator filters simply get reported by users instead and I remove them manually and refer them with a macro. It's a small subreddit so that only happens a few times a week.

edit: I'm confused why this comment would be controversial.


Dry-Gulch-Slim t1_je1lz5r wrote

I didn't mean it as a slight, I appreciate any mod who works to keep their sub on track. It was more an expression of frustration at the people that can't figure out a sidebar or Google.

It may be built up aggression to some of my favorite small subs.


chopsuwe t1_je1rh4w wrote

To be fair the Reddit Admins have tried very hard to make it worse by removing the sidebar in mobile, hiding the rules, limiting the character count of each rule and ensuring that sticky posts are not sticky unless sorting by Hot. Well over half the users never see the rules.


Dry-Gulch-Slim t1_je1w7a8 wrote

That's another thing that gets me. Who uses the "official" reddit app? Stop it! (*Slaps hand*)


Maoman1 OP t1_je1nfnu wrote

I didn't take it as a slight and I'm sorry if my comment sounded annoyed or anything. I was just explaining myself.


Dry-Gulch-Slim t1_je1oqfb wrote

I mean I just learned those two subs existed and I'm looking for a new hobby so this interaction has been great!


chopsuwe t1_je24b2j wrote

> It was more an expression of frustration at the people that can't figure out a sidebar or Google.

Speaking of which, experienced users and mods wouldn't do that would they u/Maoman1?


Maoman1 OP t1_je2bjo9 wrote

Exactly, and I said as much in the second half of this reply


chopsuwe t1_je2dcy4 wrote

Check rule 2 of Prohibited Projects / General Tips in my link ;-)


Maoman1 OP t1_je2ls5y wrote

Oh. lol Sorry! In my defense this wasn't a trade question or I'd have researched more, like I described.

I've never seen a subreddit that banned meta posts though. What's the reasoning for that?


chopsuwe t1_je2og0m wrote

Almost all meta posts are either complaints that [thing the user doesn't like] is killing the sub or complaints that their rule breaking post was removed. Either way our preferred method of handling those is having a civil conversation in modmail where we explain the reasoning and suggest ways they can comply with the rules. It's far more constructive than the drama some subs generate. We're not interested in drama, we just wans a nice place to make stuff.


Maoman1 OP t1_je2r0hi wrote

Hmm. I guess I can see where you're coming from, but I'd still disagree with banning all meta posts like that. But then, I moderate a much smaller subreddit, so I can afford some nuance. Back when I was mod at /r/NoStupidQuestions we relied on broad strokes as well--we had no choice, given the sheer volume of comments we had to go through. Thank you for not removing my post, despite my not checking with y'all first.

>[thing the user doesn't like] is killing the sub

I usually leave these kinds of posts up so I can see people's responses. They are almost invariably mocked and downvoted to hell and the user slinks away shamefaced. On the rare occasion they are not, I learn something about my community. Feedback from users is invaluable.

>complaints that their rule breaking post was removed

That sounds like a great way to get yourself upgraded to a tempban to me.


chopsuwe t1_je35a1g wrote

Meta posts aren't completely banned, they just require pre approval. Good point about using them to get feedback. It'd work if it was one or two a year, not so much when it's one every second seek. That gets old quickly.


The-PageMaster t1_je44x2l wrote

So funny though right! Breaking a rule in one sub while trying to keep people from doing so in your own. These subreddit rules are like HOAs.

Please read the following 35000 rules and sub-rules to see if you qualify to comment on this comment....

Also in your defense, you didn't read the rules.


Astavri t1_je3acmu wrote

I'm just looking at the subscriptions and there's 10x more at locksmiths.

The problem as I've experienced with other subs is the right type of repliers in the sub to answer the questions.

Ie. Users may ask a question in the layman sub but may not get an answer or not a good one, so one may have better chances in the more subscribed subreddit.


ThxItsadisorder t1_je1nqo6 wrote

Most questions asked on reddit should be googled first. Like when I see a question I just google it and then compare the answer to the comments and most of the time google had it right. Are they not teaching folks how to use web searches correctly? Before I ask a question I type it into reddit search and read those first.


jdjdthrow t1_je1ptjc wrote

It's like a /r/DesirePath/ for the general redditor public.

Circumstances permitting, perhaps the people with the niche subject interest could make a separate subreddit and leave the general name to the masses.


Dry-Gulch-Slim t1_je1vjy6 wrote

They can, but the problem is getting subscribers. Like if I want to talk about biology I'd Google "reddit sub for biology" or whatever. What's going to pop up first?


Catnip4Pedos t1_je1vtpy wrote

Its not that people are idiots but the algorithm directs people to bigger subs


Dry-Gulch-Slim t1_je1wpf9 wrote

Biology isn't even a big one. Hell I've been here forever and I subbed to whatsthisbug long before I subbed to arr-Biology. But you make a good point about the algorithms.

I still maintain that people are idiots. That just seems to include the people that force users into places using the algorithms.


Kimorin t1_je4y7b8 wrote

r/whatsthisbug sounds like a subreddit for really clueless software developers


Crows4Sale t1_je1faju wrote

Okay but who do i refer them to if they need help smithing their own lock?


Maoman1 OP t1_je1hj7k wrote

Oh you can refer them to Billy. He's great at that.


Sariton t1_je4o2j2 wrote

Dude came in swinging with the dad jokes lmao


BobtheDead t1_je2rwlq wrote

Hey OP, this is a sub where diy’ers talk to other diy’ers. Your request should of gone to r/diy_requests


adapterbitspk t1_je1lmvm wrote

I appreciate trying to lockdown a subreddit to people who are specifically in a trade, employed by a specific company, have a specific engineering degree, etc. Totally get it. The repetitive questions by homeowners asking about “removing a load bearing wall” are not only annoying, but in that case, dangerous.

/r/MechanicAdvice is a really great example of what a subreddit like /r/askalocksmith would be like in a perfect world. /r/askanengineer is decent as well, but mostly for eduction and employment questions.

The reality is that most subreddits like /r/askalocksmith are DOA. There’s a ton of trade specific subreddits that might as well not even exist because they’re also dead. I dont know why /r/MechanicAdvice works so well, maybe just due to the fact that almost everyone has a car in the US.

Growing up in the pre-internet world, I personally think the topic specifc forums were one of the greatest things to ever happen to my world. The knowledge base and being able to bounce ideas off anyone else viewing the forum, whether it be an actual professional, enthusiast, or an absolute idiot who gets told why they’re wrong, has been a life changing experience. I couldn’t do a lot of things I’ve done without access to those people in those forums.

There’s a member in the Mercedes community who has posted for years in response to anyone and everyone who has a question. He’s definitely a Mercedes tech and has access to manufacturer information that most don’t. There aren’t many posts he doesn’t respond to. There’s no incentive for him to do it other than he probably believes in sharing helpful information with others because he can. I think about him every time I see posts like this /r/askalocksmith announcement.

You guys at /r/locksmith are totally within your right to lockdown the subreddit, make it private with proof of being a locksmith, etc. Dumb questions can get annoying. I guess you can just downvote the posts and leave it to the few who may or may not answer it.

I just hope that when it comes time for you or your peers to get involved in a project outside of your trade, you think about this post, and stay far away from any other trade professionals you may want to ask a question to.


Maoman1 OP t1_je1n4qq wrote

Hey, thanks for the thorough response.

>The reality is that most subreddits like /r/askalocksmith are DOA

We discussed this when the subreddit was split, and I made it clear to my users that I expected them to participate in both subreddits unless they were physically incapable of being polite (we're a cantakerous bunch after all), and on the whole, it has worked well. Some posts may only get one or two responses, but they will usually have a fair number of upvotes reinforcing it, indicating that plenty of other locksmiths at least viewed the question and had nothing to add.

I have also made a couple of announcement posts, one just a month after the split and another a few months later, basically saying "Hey guys, AskALocksmith isn't dead or anything, but I just want to be proactive and prevent it from ever getting that way, so here's a reminder to do your part and go answer some questions there. Consider it community service, or fair payment for getting this space to ourselves."

>I just hope that when it comes time for you or your peers to get involved in a project outside of your trade, you think about this post, and stay far away from any other trade professionals you may want to ask a question to.

I can't speak for anyone else of course, but on the occasion I have a question for another trade, I always check the sidebar, read the recommended resources, and search the subreddit for my question before I actually make a post. Usually my question is answered somewhere already, and on the rare occasion it isn't, I'll make sure my post states that I did all of those things first and did not find an answer.

There are plenty of others who do the same thing... you'll just never know they were there because, of course, they never posted. It's only the few who refuse to read anything before posting that you ever get to see, so your vision of newcomers gets skewed in that direction. Try to remember that.


SuperCow1127 t1_je26kxk wrote

>I made it clear to my users that I expected them to

Hahaha, or else what? Will they suffer on their yearly performance reviews?


Maoman1 OP t1_je2bd8u wrote

Or we return to how it was before and they get to suffer through laymen constantly asking inane questions on /r/Locksmith, obviously. It's quite the deterrent.


autoposting_system t1_je13qfx wrote

Hey, I mean that's cool, but you're relying on the memories of the small number of people who read this post. I just don't think this is a very effective way of getting the message to the people that actually need to hear it. Maybe ... stickied comments here and on the original sub? I guess?


Maoman1 OP t1_je1jl9d wrote

I don't expect this to be 100% successful, but I do expect it to be partially successful, which is better than doing nothing at all. Even if it only halves the number of false referrals, that's a win in my book.

And yeah, we already have all sorts of notices and stuff on our own subreddit, basically everywhere I could cram them. There's even a trap post flair called "I am not a locksmith" which gets your post automatically removed with a message sending you to AskALocksmith. This post is just for y'all :)


Westerdutch t1_je1h03q wrote

Hmm, youd think the easier sub name would be the easiest to find for the layman... Yall should have made the /r/Locksmith one the 'public' one and /r/LocksmithB2B or something where you can have fun amongst your own 'kind'.....


i_ate_god t1_je1hahl wrote

Very rarely do such plans work. Flairs tend to be better than multiple subreddits of the same topic.


Taolan13 t1_je2ahpw wrote

r/HVAC and r/hvacadvice have a similar split, doesnt stop people tho since mobile users dont see the sidebar with the sub rules, and pc users are blind.


scrample_egg t1_je4lb6k wrote

reddit is so weird. can't have one spot for this because that would make sense. no we need 5 different subreddits that all overlap and are all about the same thing but if you post in the wrong one you're going to get dogpiled


Whisperingsoup t1_je2g5yw wrote

Yay! 2 new subreddits!!!!!!


Hagenaar t1_je3h9s3 wrote

Funny nobody mentioned r/EmoLocksmiths

Edit: actually it's not funny. At all.


jstmenow t1_je3nakp wrote

I wanna click the link, but I am scared 😨


DarrSwan t1_je3lsei wrote

Should have been /r/CallALocksmith


atjones111 t1_je249cb wrote

Why the fuck is this on DIY and not getting removed like the many posts I post here do? Where’s the DIY


Catnip4Pedos t1_je1v2wv wrote

[meta] user of Reddit here, please post announcements to your own sub instead

Long story short I don't post to locksmith subs and didn't need this information


TwofacedDisc t1_je4ex3d wrote

I think most people don’t read posts like “READ THIS BEFORE POSTING”, like the current pinned post in r/locksmith.

Maybe something like “go to r/AskALocksmith to ask for help” would work better as a post title, as it’s straight to the point ant more people can see it right away.


Duckbilling t1_je2hl3f wrote

I'm a door repair guy, I try to help people out when there are questions about alignment of latch/strike or other door related questions.

If your door is having leverset issues, however, I'll usually just say it's a lost cause, most of the time you can replace the leverset with a new one for under $40, yourself.

I have yet to see a question about a master keyed classroom function leverset, or a dead lock with cylinder lock on it in a class aluminum door.

Sliding doors, all bets are off, I can't help you there.


ajak6 t1_je34dum wrote

Whats the point if people here can still help


zoburg88 t1_je1bci3 wrote

Who is Lock Smith and why do I need help with him?


30kalua89 t1_je1w7xx wrote

I have glass sliding door that locks from the inside. How do i put in something to lock from outside ?


IceManO1 t1_je2yer6 wrote

Got a truck tool box & it’s locked , lost the key to it. It’s there a way to open it without breaking the tool box?


redditingguy t1_je52d3g wrote

Or you can do your job and weed them out yourself!


ViewAskewed t1_je1a2v8 wrote

We have this problem at r/lineman. 90% of the posts are people asking various degrees of "How do I become a lineman/is it worth it?". It really gets old fast.


triguy616 t1_je1dkrw wrote

Are you ~300lbs? Do you like tight pants and oblong objects? Be a lineman!


HaikuBotStalksMe t1_je1go91 wrote

With a name like that, you can't blame them. Make it NBA_LINEMEN if you don't want them to think it's about electricians.


KamovInOnUp t1_je3m2sj wrote

Sure is great when blowhards gatekeep a subreddit


Taureg01 t1_je12u5p wrote

Good way to kill your subreddit


Maoman1 OP t1_je1334p wrote

It's been working great for over half a year ¯\_ (ツ)_/¯


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Catnip4Pedos t1_je1w2zg wrote

Working so well you need to come to an unrelated sub to tell people who don't use your sub how to not use it because it works well for 6 months already

Edit: the guy was so unfazed by this non troll response they called me a troll and blocked me, definition of triggered