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bake_disaster t1_je183fy wrote

WhatsThisBird and Birding just gave up trying to redirect people because people can't read the sidebar


Dry-Gulch-Slim t1_je19mfc wrote

Biology made a modpost redirecting them and just didn't enforce it. It's a mess.

I am not an ornithologist but I can tell the difference between "whatsthisbird" and "birding". I think.

Whatsthisbird is for identification and birding is for the hobby of photographing and finding birds right? At a guess, swear no looking.

E: okay now I looked and subbed. I love pro pictures of birds. There's that person that always posts on animalporn and I dig it.


bake_disaster t1_je1csyn wrote

But this line of thinking requires you to know both exist. When in reality you can just snap a blurry pic of a house sparrow with your Motorola Razer from 2005 and post to Birding, asking if it's a rare bird species


Dry-Gulch-Slim t1_je1flwv wrote

I actually didn't know either sub existed but I sure as hell know how to Google. Literally everyone does.

More importantly I can go on a sub and search for top all time and read the sidebar.

And that bit about the razr was the first thing that made me audibly laugh on here in a while.


Paulo27 t1_je1ghwz wrote

And your post gets removed by the mods. Easy.


bake_disaster t1_je1zpq9 wrote

It doesn't though, because the mods gave up on trying to redirect people


Paulo27 t1_je24lfl wrote

Well then it's a problem with moderation but it's solvable.


Tim_Gilbert t1_je28c1y wrote

I wonder if they added a tag, like "identification", then auto removed every post with that tag and auto comment to go to the other sub.

Might be annoying to force people to tag in order to post though.


Queen__Antifa t1_je1d5tk wrote

Does what’sthisbird answer questions about birdsongs? Like if I linked a recording?


Westley_Never_Dies t1_je1q9cy wrote

Yes! With enthusiasm. They also are fantastic at identifying birds from sketches (of any skill level).


92894952620273749383 t1_je3rd7y wrote

>WhatsThisBird and Birding just gave up trying to redirect people because people can't read the sidebar

That's the problem. It should be the top bar.


nolo_me t1_je4735y wrote

The problem is people refusing to read the rules of a sub before posting.