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chopsuwe t1_je24b2j wrote

> It was more an expression of frustration at the people that can't figure out a sidebar or Google.

Speaking of which, experienced users and mods wouldn't do that would they u/Maoman1?


Maoman1 OP t1_je2bjo9 wrote

Exactly, and I said as much in the second half of this reply


chopsuwe t1_je2dcy4 wrote

Check rule 2 of Prohibited Projects / General Tips in my link ;-)


Maoman1 OP t1_je2ls5y wrote

Oh. lol Sorry! In my defense this wasn't a trade question or I'd have researched more, like I described.

I've never seen a subreddit that banned meta posts though. What's the reasoning for that?


chopsuwe t1_je2og0m wrote

Almost all meta posts are either complaints that [thing the user doesn't like] is killing the sub or complaints that their rule breaking post was removed. Either way our preferred method of handling those is having a civil conversation in modmail where we explain the reasoning and suggest ways they can comply with the rules. It's far more constructive than the drama some subs generate. We're not interested in drama, we just wans a nice place to make stuff.


Maoman1 OP t1_je2r0hi wrote

Hmm. I guess I can see where you're coming from, but I'd still disagree with banning all meta posts like that. But then, I moderate a much smaller subreddit, so I can afford some nuance. Back when I was mod at /r/NoStupidQuestions we relied on broad strokes as well--we had no choice, given the sheer volume of comments we had to go through. Thank you for not removing my post, despite my not checking with y'all first.

>[thing the user doesn't like] is killing the sub

I usually leave these kinds of posts up so I can see people's responses. They are almost invariably mocked and downvoted to hell and the user slinks away shamefaced. On the rare occasion they are not, I learn something about my community. Feedback from users is invaluable.

>complaints that their rule breaking post was removed

That sounds like a great way to get yourself upgraded to a tempban to me.


chopsuwe t1_je35a1g wrote

Meta posts aren't completely banned, they just require pre approval. Good point about using them to get feedback. It'd work if it was one or two a year, not so much when it's one every second seek. That gets old quickly.


The-PageMaster t1_je44x2l wrote

So funny though right! Breaking a rule in one sub while trying to keep people from doing so in your own. These subreddit rules are like HOAs.

Please read the following 35000 rules and sub-rules to see if you qualify to comment on this comment....

Also in your defense, you didn't read the rules.