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Zeeinsoundfromwayout t1_jcd7iqo wrote

Figure out how to Imgur the picture or something.

The quote you read tellsMe the official answer is there is no official. I’m guessing the narrow pliers is what most home cooks use.


rxpharmd OP t1_jcd7u0k wrote


rxpharmd OP t1_jcdi0nb wrote

Haha. Later in the post he said someone took it. ☹️


MeshColour t1_jcgh6w6 wrote

Are you right-hand-loosening it?

>Had one of the other guys take it when I wasn't looking, he was all pissed off because it wouldn't work for him - didn't tell the idiot the fittings were left-hand thread!!!


rxpharmd OP t1_jcgi7h1 wrote

Yeah. I think it's probably just stuck. Will try some WD-40 after work today.