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MmmPeopleBacon t1_jcdiyof wrote

Does the ring on the outside spin or something? if that's the problem and you don't want to put it back on something like a vise or large c-clam could be used to crush the ring until it bit into the rest of the fitting and could then be loosened that way.

Also that link says it's a left handed thread which means righty loosely.

Tldr: getting it off shouldn't be too hard if you don't mind breaking it. Murph's tool was designed to not damage the fitting.


rxpharmd OP t1_jcdjv2s wrote

I'm not afraid at all of damaging it. Just not used to operating that way, haha.

From when I was messing with it the outside didn't budge - or was stuck.

I'll go out and mess with it more after work tomorrow.


MmmPeopleBacon t1_jcdlbr6 wrote

Just make sure it's a screw in kind and not soldered or something dumb like that